Development Of The Baby: 4 Weeks To 8 Weeks

Development Of The Baby: 4 Weeks To 8 Weeks

If your baby hasn't given you a social smile yet, then this is the month to surely expect it. Most babies do not have teeth but there may be a rare baby born with a little white tooth. Your baby will now also laugh and make babbling sounds. You may hear a wide variety of vowels but there is still a little time to hear the precious 'MAMA' or 'PAPA'. Support your little one's weight in your hands and make sure you support the neck as well and allow your baby to tap dance with his legs. Your baby will now be able to reach out for a coveted toy if offered and even hold it for a few short seconds. Some energetic babies will even give the rattle a few shakes and delight at the sound they can generate. It is important that you allow your baby to spend some time on his tummy supervised as this will help him to develop his neck and back muscles. Remember never leave your baby alone on the tummy and do not allow your baby to sleep on the tummy.

As you become a seasoned parent, you will be able to understand your baby's cues. Your new born is very expressive and if he/she is interested in playing with you, then he will look at you, reach out to you, smile and make excited movements with his arms and legs. However, if he is overwhelmed, he may turn his eyes away and not focus on your face, cry and fuss and even push himself away from you. Your baby may have also discovered how to self soothe himself by sucking his thumb. This is a natural reflex and no cause for concern. It means that you need to offer more time at the breast as the baby has a strong suckling reflex for the first few months. Baby's vision has developed and he can now see much further. He likes to be held upright so that he can see and enjoy the world around him.

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