Babies Who Sleep Well, Grow Well - Sleep Like a Baby!

Babies Who Sleep Well, Grow Well - Sleep Like a Baby!

Having a newborn can be an exciting and equally overwhelming time for parents. While ensuring they cherish every minute with their baby, they also embark on a journey of trying to understand the ‘baby language’, subtle cues and the baby cry and try every possible way to soothe and comfort. It is very important for all infants to get enough sleep, as this is the time when maximum brain development happens, and they also get the much-needed rest. In this journey of being a new mom to my twins, I was not aware of the things I would need to give my babies peaceful sleep. Thanks to Flipkart for giving me that helping hand to get all my little one’s needs on time and giving me multiple options and choices to select from.

I’m a big advocate of gentle parenting for my children, and do not advise ‘cry out method’ for sleeping. Right from the time I had twins, I was clear that I would have a proper sleep schedule for both my babies, so that I too could rest well for my body to recuperate. Here are a couple of things I followed to create a defined sleep routine for my baby:


  • Massaging babies
  • Bathing them in warm water
  • Swaddling them to sleep

I would make bedtime fun, by dimming our room lights and reading out stories or singing songs to them. We’d co-sleep, which allowed me to wake up and feed them at night without much hassle. Babies need to sleep well to grow well. A good rest helps them restore their energy and stay active. A good sleep helps baby develop well and achieve milestones on time. While a routine plays an important role in establishing a sleep pattern for babies, there are many other materialistic factors that equally contribute in achieving a healthy sleep pattern for babies.

Suggesting a few things that helped me manage my babies’ sleep routine that I highly recommend are:

1) Baby Mosquito Net



One of my babies was severely allergic to mosquito saliva, and with so many mosquitos coming up during the rainy season, mosquito nets are a must. Mosquito nets are a boon for babies. My babies stay protected and sleep safe and sound under the shelter of this net.


2) Baby Blanket



It is very important to have proper clothing and room temperature for babies to sleep soundly. Having my babies in winters, it was important to ensure that my babies are not bitten by cold during the day. I purchased a super soft, cozy blanket from Flipkart and could cover my babies well throughout the day. These blankets helped my babies feel warm and cozy, giving them good sleep.


3) Baby Monitor


Being an avid reader of books, this has been the best investment I have done so far for my babies and myself. This is a boon in innovation, especially for Mothers, for some peace of mind. Having twins, it becomes challenging for me to prevent one child from crying since this can wake up the other and things can get crazy.Baby Monitor allowed me to leave my babies safely in their bed and get some ‘me time’, read books and relax. These monitors saved me from making multiple bedroom trips to watch over them.


4) Baby Hooded Cover Blanket



Baby hooded blankets are a great investment to keep babies protected especially when outside the house or when travelling. It is easy to carry babies in this blanket and they feel snuggled and cozy when wrapped in this blanket. It helps them sleep peacefully and wake up fresh and active.


5) Quick Dry Sheet 



Newborns have sensitive skin and wearing diapers throughout the day and night can give them rashes. Giving a diaper free time for 3-4 hours in the day is essential to help their skin breathe. These quick dry sheets definitely come in handy. This sheet doesn’t wet the bed and when babies wet this sheet, we can immediately remove the sheet and sundry to reuse.


6) Baby Crib 



Many parents co-sleep their babies in the same room but not on the same bed. Investing on a baby crib is a good idea, especially if this crib can be a play pen in the day and a bed during night. A play pen/crib is a safe way to put small babies to sleep peacefully and safely when you are not in the same room. It gives baby a confined area to sleep cozily.


Sleep is an essential aspect of baby’s growth and development. While newborn babies sleep anywhere between 6-18 hours during initial months after birth, a 12 hours long stretch sleep at night is good for babies to be healthy and happy. All these products helped me and my babies sail through peaceful nights of sleep without much disturbance. All that babies need for a good night's sleep is to be cozy and comfy. That’s why they say ‘Sleep like a baby’, for it is important for a good health.

Flipkart offers you a wide range of products for taking care of your baby’s sleep as well as other babycare needs, you can check out their entire store here.



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