Unable to Conceive? Is PCOS The Reason?

Unable to Conceive? Is PCOS The Reason?

A close friend of mine has been married for 6 years now and has been trying to conceive from past 3 years. Every time she missed her period, she took a home pregnancy test with Mankind Preganews, a leading pregnancy detection card trusted and recommended by every  other mom. After multiple failed attempts to conceive, she decided to see her Doctor and was surprised to be diagnosed with PCOS with an ovarian volume as high as 19 cc.


Women are considered to have super powers. With power comes responsibility.  Women are inherently used to putting themselves at the back seat when it comes to fulfilling their responsibilities, hence affecting their lifestyle and health. 61% of deaths in India are because of lifestyle diseases. One such lifestyle disease or syndrome is PCOS. Although PCOS is not considered as a life threatening disease, it is highly affecting fertility in women of child bearing age and is often a root cause of many other health complications. Close to 9.13% of women in India in the child bearing age suffer from this issue.


What is PCOS?


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is an endocrine and metabolic disorder. Women with PCOS produce higher-than-normal amounts of male hormones. This hormone imbalance causes them to skip menstrual periods and makes it harder for them to get pregnant.


Three main features of PCOS are:


  • cysts in the ovaries
  • high levels of male hormones
  • irregular or skipped periods

Women with PCOS are diagnosed with the disease based on sonography and blood tests analysis.



Getting diagnosed with PCOS was a turning point in my friend’s life. She was given the challenge to get down by 20 kgs of her weight with the LED approach.


L.E.D Approach


Lifestyle : Changes in lifestyle is the first best approach towards treating PCOS. A disciplined routine that would include reducing alcohol intake, avoiding long gaps between meals and being active were the kind of changes that she was advised to make in her lifestyle. Anything but a sedentary routine is the first line of action that woman with PCOS are expected to take.


Exercise: Excess weight is the root cause of PCOS in majority of women. Especially an out of sync BMI is what triggers this. She was one of those women and was asked to attribute her energy and time on doing exercises like walking, zumba, yoga and other cardiovascular routines. Stress is another well known cause of excess weight and hormonal imbalance. Meditation helps in reducing stress and hence helps restore hormonal balance. Exercise is definitely the toughest approach to begin with, but is also one of the most effective factors in treating PCOS.


Diet: Body metabolism is affected in PCOS. It is essential to follow a healthy and protein rich diet. PCOS is associated with type 2 diabetes. She was advised a low carb and low GI- diet to improve her insulin resistance. Including brown rice, raw nuts, sprouts and broccoli in your diet helps address the issue well.



LED based approach helps in reducing weight, reducing BMI and is effective in resulting ovulation and subsequent fertility. Women with PCOS do not produce eggs which means they do not ovulate. Ovulation is the first step to conception.Hence the inability to conceive if diagnosed with PCOS.


Well the great news is that my friend was quite determined to make a baby. I must say she took the LED approach aggressively and within 6 months of time lost close to 15 kgs of her weight. Results were prevalent since her periods became more regular and this time Preganews gave her those two pink lines and her happiness had not limits.She is now blessed with a baby boy.


While birth control pills and other hormone therapies are alternative suggestive approach, a change in lifestyle and diet is the most natural and effective way of treating PCOS. Loosing just 5 to 10% of your body weight can ease the symptoms and help regularize menstrual cycles.


If left untreated,PCOS can cause endocrine and heart diseases including diabetes and hypertension. Early diagnosis can address the issue better. The key to staying healthy is staying active. Being sedentary is the root of majority of illnesses. So stay active, stay alert and stay healthy!


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