Hyderabadi Mom Bloggers You Should Follow in 2021

Hyderabadi Mom Bloggers You Should Follow in 2021

Moms are doing an amazing job everyday- their first time in changing nappies to the warmth in holding their little one, they hardly pull off some time for themselves. Being a mom is challenging yet rewarding at the same time. Moms have to prep themselves emotionally and physically to yield to their babie’s needs and tantrums. It is tougher for the working moms who struggle everyday to make ends meet. We have handpicked 5 moms from Hyderabad  who have disproved the old cliche ‘Women can only be homemakers’.

1. Elan memoirs

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If you ever feel that your wardrobe feels empty or you need to stock it up, head to Elan Memoirs  Instagram handle for amazing dressing ideas. She loves to live with simplicity and even showcases simplicity in her dressing sense. It's amazing to watch moms turn into blogger and be a homemaker at the same time.


2. Dr. Faiza

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Multi talented Indian moms are in front of the race when it comes to blogging. Who can expect a Doctor Mom to be a blogger? This mom respects her career as a dentist and takes off some time for blogging too. She does not lag- be it her being a dentist or a blogger. She loves socializing with people, sharing her experiences and ideas with other moms.


3. Priyanka Mallick

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This mom has taken her first step into motherhood and it is great to see how well she has handled this role of a mother. She is not afraid of showcasing her imperfections, she believes that her imperfections make her unique. She stands up for every mom facing negativity online and assures her followers how everyone is unique. She always seeks positivity while hitting low points in her life. She says that,” It's a woman who plans and the baby who is the supreme power dictating the course of the day.”


4. Monika

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Monika loves to share her life experiences with her followers. She believes that including veggies and healthy food cleanses the body and soul. She loves sharing amazing healthy recipes on her Instagram feed. From cakes to pancakes to Gajar to Alwa- she is an expert in trying out new recipes. Looking for new recipes to fill your kid’s lunchbox? You will love to follow Monika and fall in love with her mouth watering recipes.


5. Chhaya

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Beauty, Lifestyle, Parenting-you name it, and you can find all in her feed. Chhaya is a Hyderabadi mom who loves melted ice creams and occasional dates with her son(hitting the beach being her favorite). She says that she has enjoyed being pregnant to the fullest despite discomfort and pain. She says,” This is the only time you go to the doctor for wellness and not for illness.” She is a supermom balancing her blogging career and parenthood in a beautiful way.


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