Safe & Natural Hand Sanitizer Picks For Kids

Safe & Natural Hand Sanitizer Picks For Kids

Both parents and teachers know very well how kids should be taught good hygiene to cut exposure to illness-causing germs. Kids, these days, literally touch everything without giving a thought into the measure of germs they board on them. It is horrifying for parents to find their kid covered in dirt from head to toe on school’s sports day or when the kid decides to have a splish-splash in the puddle on the way back home. There are also moments when there is no sink or soap anywhere within sight! At such times, a friend to all- Natural hand sanitizers comes handy in fighting the microbes. Studies show that imposing the necessity of hand sanitizers in places like pre-schools helps reduce flu-causing germs from getting attached to your little ones.

Unfortunately, not all the hand sanitizers in our neighborhood market is filled with kid-friendly hand sanitizers. Extra precaution is required when it comes to choosing products related to kids. Mothers should worry more about the germs residing in your little one’s hands and not grumble about the uniform turned filthy from playing. Non-toxic is the favorite word to locate on the bottles for mothers. Here are a few words to look out for when you are on the hunt to get your hands on the most  suitable hand sanitizer for your  kids.

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Ingredients to Avoid In a Hand Sanitizer:-

1. Triclosan

  • Triclosan is an engineered pesticide that is often added to detergents and soaps and personal care items like antiperspirants and toothpaste since it has antibacterial properties, however, note that it doesn't have the ability to kill the infections that cause colds and flus.
  • In 2016, the FDA prohibited its use from antibacterial cleansers, however, the new guideline still allows its use in items outside of antibacterial hand soaps.
  • Triclosan has been related to hormone interruption, cancer, liver damage and the growth of super-germs. Abstain from anything with triclosan or triclocarban on the backside of the label.

2. Fragrance and Phthalates

  • Fragrance and Phthalates are the two partners in crime as Phthalates allows the fragrance to last longer. Most importantly, over different research considers, fragrance ingredients are the active allergens, hormone disruptors, asthma triggers, neurotoxins and cancer-causing agents.
  • The fragrance industry regulates itself and makers are not required to list their aroma fixings on the product labels.

3. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate

  • SLS and SLES are the foaming agents used in soaps and detergents, which dissolves surface tension in water, resulting in foam.
  • This emulsifier is associated with a lot of skin related problems, lung and eye irritation, nausea and negative effects in the central nervous system.

4. Parabens

  • Parabens are additives and anti-microbial that are usually utilized in beautifying agents, personal care products and, unfortunately, a few edible foods. They prevent microscopic organisms from developing in liquids, creams and lotions & help broaden the life span of the product.
  • Parabens are connected to a huge number of health risks including cancer, endocrine disruption, neurotoxicity and skin rashes. To evade them, stay away from product labels finishing off with - paraben.

5. Alcohol

  • Alcohol-based antibacterial items are exceptionally famous, particularly in schools and daycare units. It might sound insane, however, there are occurrences of poisoning from little youngsters consuming hand sanitizers accidentally and even alarming instances of adolescents intentionally drinking it.
  • Woah! These items are ordinarily 66% or more liquor, which is startling when you consider little youngsters placing their hands in their mouths and the danger of liquor harming. Another hazardous eye and skin irritant is a neurotoxin, isopropyl alcohol.
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