7 Fun Movies To Introduce Your Child To Xyz

7 Fun Movies To Introduce Your Child To Xyz

13 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Cinema and movies have always been among the most simple and easiest ways to get entertained while simultaneously learning new things. It is important to keep a close eye on the type of movies children watch, as it is a learning age for them and visual media has an everlasting and quick effect on almost any mind. However, what movies should your little bundle of joy watch? What movies will be entertaining and yet not have a bad impact on his/her mind?

Well, we have an answer. Mentioned below are some of the movies you can introduce to your child, which we are sure not only him/her, but you too will enjoy.

1. Jumanji

One of the all time classics, it has adventure, comedy, suspense, thrill and above all – a game. Jumanji tells the story about 2 children playing a board game, which comes to life and then adventure and fun follows.

2. Harry Potter

One of the most popular movies of all time, Harry Potter has been a favourite among both children and adults alike. The movie tells the story of a child kept away from his own fame and the mysteries of an entire world, which slowly unravel. The movie has drama, suspense, a fight of good vs evil and best of all- Magic. The movie will definitely help your child see the world in a different perspective.

3. Lion King

The epitome of Disney success, Lion King made everyone laugh and cry at the same time. Running from responsibilities is easy, but it’s the taking up of responsibilities that scares everyone. The Lion King tells the story of one such cub who runs away from his mistakes and responsibilities instead of facing them, and then, when he returns, he has to triumph his biggest fears. The story will definitely inspire your child to take charge from a tender age.

4. Home Alone

A full pack of laughter, wittiness and the abilities of a child to be creative. This movie tells the story of a child left alone at home and having to face robbers trying to rob his home. The movie cannot be described as anything else, but hilarious, and is sure to make you are your kid roll on the floor laughing.

5. Chillar Party

A Bollywood movie that is sure to bring tears in your eyes while laughing, Chillar actually teaches an important lesson that animals too should be cared for too. The movie showcases a group of children taking on a minister in order to save the dog in their society and in the process ,comedy ensues.

6. Frozen

A movie filled with music that breaks the patriarchal beliefs and talks about the bond between siblings and the fact that a girl does not need to depend on men to achieve what she wants to. The movie was critically acclaimed and is a must watch for both girls and boys.

7. Finding Nemo

This movie should definitely be watched by every father and child together. It highlights the importance of listening to one’s parents and the fact that parents can go through heaven and hell for their child – no matter the consequences.

There are many more movies, which we are sure both you and your child will love, but we hope that while this list takes you down the memory lane, it will entertain your child, teaching them a lesson or two.

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