7 Things Dads Do Better Than Moms

7 Things Dads Do Better Than Moms

30 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Mothers are generally considered as the default parent. Be it feeding, bathing, changing, school PTA’s, doctor visits and the list is endless. But the role of fathers in a child’s upbringing cannot be undermined. If mothers are like buttons, then fathers are like that thread without which the button wouldn’t be able to hold everything together.

And in many cases, they even surpass the role of mothers when it comes to these 7 aspects of parenting.

1. The Ultimate Stroller/Piggyback ride

A dad’s shoulder is the handiest stroller you will ever find. Baby is tired, no problem, jump onto dad’s shoulder. Baby is sleepy, no problem, dad’s shoulder becomes the cosiest bed. Baby cannot see the animal in the zoo, no problem, dad’s shoulder offers the best vantage point. Baby simply wants a joy ride, no problem; dad’s shoulder is the ultimate piggyback ride. Thanks daddy!

2. Playing

No one, I mean no one (well except that one crazy uncle/aunty) plays with our little munchkin better than daddy! Dads are programmed to show kids a good time. Be it at home, at the playground, at the park or a carnival/theme park. They are at the top of their game. So much so that their inner child starts somersaulting.

3. Homework

I remember that when we were little, we seldom paid any heed to my mom’s umpteen attempts at getting us to finish our homework. But as soon as dad would walk into the house, we would immediately park our behinds at our study table and finish. Besides, if we were having difficulty understanding something in school, no matter how tired dad was, he was always ready to help with homework.

4. Scarecrow

He is the unrivalled scarecrow of the house. And I mean this in a good way. Picture this, mom is yelling for the 100th time to get child to brush his teeth, with no progress in sight. Daddy walks into the room and the child rushes to the bathroom, brushes their teeth and sneaks into bed. How? Dad’s presence has some magical powers in getting things done without saying a word, while poor mom is watching in complete disbelief.

5. Mealtime/Bedtime

Mommies, take note, while you are awarded the masterchef title in the house, the master feeder title goes to dad. Child doesn’t want to eat bottle gourd sabzi and chappati? Let daddy do the honours for you and mind you he will not only make the child finish it up but if you are lucky he will even get the child to ask for more. And daddy knows best how to put a child to sleep. Abracadabra is it?

6. Spoil Me Rotten

While they may appear like the quintessential scarecrow, they often redeem themselves by spoiling us silly, especially when mom is away. Ice cream for breakfast, pizza for lunch, fries for dinner can only be expected from dads.

7. Exterminator

For those living in India, this is by far the most important duty of a dad. Mom sees a cockroach, yells; the mother’s yelling intimidates the residents (children, in laws etc) of the entire household except the father. Father walks in to check on the scene, picks up the measly roach and tosses it out like a BOSS! Peace reigns.

Parenting is no mean feat and the role of a father is beyond the above mentioned. In fact in today’s age both the mother and father are able to juggle into each other’s roles when required, yet no one can deny the simple fact that “Mothers Rule and Fathers, they simply ROCK.”



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