7 times youll miss your siblings like crazy after getting married

7 times youll miss your siblings like crazy after getting married

24 May 2022 | 5 min Read


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No matter how many times you are at each other’s throat about things, lets face it, you LOVE your siblings. Letting go of them takes a massive toll on you, especially, when you’re getting married. One of the most played down losses of getting married is being separated from your siblings. You may not think about it much because you just assume that you’ll keep in touch, or you may think “good riddance” However, it’s a whole different situation once you actually get married and move away from the pests you’ve grown up with. There will be some moments where you’ll be so busy trying to understand married life and how to manage your house that you’ll have no time to think of home and family. But there will be other moments where you will want to hear the sound of their whining and screaming so much that you’ll consider calling them just to listen to them rant and quarrel and argue.

Here are some of the times when you’ll really miss them after getting married:

1. Birthdays and Holidays

When it’s the festive season, you’re going to find something missing in your new home. It’s probably going to be all the chaotic and messy and that’s how you know you’re at home. With only you and your husband in the house, you probably won’t be fighting over that last piece of chicken or that last bit of mum’s trifle pudding. What’s more is that you’re going to be celebrating in a whole different way that you’re used to. Every person shares different dynamics with different people in their lives so new ways of celebrating the holidays will probably take a little getting used to.  

2. Fights with the Other Half

When you fight with your significant other, talking to your friends is probably the last thing you would do because that’s a sort of betrayal to your spouse. What’s more is that these friends are very likely to be biased in their opinions on the matter. The people you can turn to are your siblings. Alternatively, you’re going to miss having someone who would probably give you unbiased advice on the fight.

3. Family Functions

You probably thought you could escape some of your family functions after getting married, but you also probably forgot to account for the added functions of your husband’s or wife’s family that you’d have to attend. So now you’re stuck in this strange new land and you’ve got no one to make fun of people with because you can’t do that with your spouse… considering it’s his/her family. Even when you go to your own family functions, it’s going to be more of ensuring your spouse is getting along fine with everyone than you being able to socialise with your cousins and relatives.

4. Movie Nights

There are going to be those times that you go for a movie with your wife that you love, and you know that your sister or brother would love, but your spouse just doesn’t appreciate it enough. What do you do? Who do you fangirl with? Who do you freak out to? What happened to the aliens in the end?? You’re going to have to start adapting a lot once you’re married, and sadly, that includes your movie preferences.

5. Daily Routine

Your sibling is just a part of your daily routine. You’ve learnt how to work around each other. Your body clock works in synchronization with theirs and you’ve managed to work out a system where everyone can optimally use all the resources of the house. You’re also just used to their presence. Getting married and leaving your siblings can become quite disorienting in this regard. You’re now with a new person, a different presence in the house. You have to start the whole process of getting used to all over again and this time, you probably have to be mature about it.

6. Best Friend

Though you may fight a lot but at the end of the day your sibling is someone you know you can trust, without a doubt. Your sibling is like a best friend but with a little bit more (friendly) animosity added in the relationship. Being away from your sibling can be super heartbreaking because it feels like you’ve been separated from your best friend; the person you can divulge all your secrets to and who’s obligated to stick around because of your blood bonds.

7. Honesty

The best part about having a sibling is that they always tell you the cold hard truth. Whether it’s about your dressing sense, the person you’re dating, the fights with your spouse or your new circle of friends, your sibling will not hesitate to tell you that you’ve made a bad decision and that you’re being stupid. Friends always try to be nice and your spouse will always try to make you happy while your sibling couldn’t care less about either of those (on the surface). You will miss your best advisor.

Don’t be too disheartened by all this. At the end of the day, your husband is your husband. If it’s a love marriage you’re already comfortable with each other, and if it’s an arranged marriage you both grow together and your love blossoms. You will have all the comforts you need with your spouse, but there might be times that you miss your siblings. It’s important to remember that if you really need them, they’re just a phone call or a visit away. It may take some time but you’ll eventually find a way to synchronize your schedules and make time for each other. Finding a balance is important, so put in a little effort for best results. 



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