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7 Tips To Give Birth To An Intelligent Child

7 Tips To Give Birth To An Intelligent Child

4 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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The brain is the first organ of your baby which develops inside your womb. Your diet, emotions and genes play an important role in building the basic structure and intellect in your baby. It also helps in constructing a unique personality of your baby too!

Researchers have concluded that 50% of the IQ is due to the influence of genes and the rest is due to the internal environment the baby is growing in.

Now that you’re pregnant, you need the best tricks for creating a smarter and a happier baby! Here are 7 tricks to develop a superbrain in your baby:

1. Storytime

By the third trimester, your baby can memorise and hear sounds and recognise familiar voices. Yes, your baby can understand whatever you’re saying in whichever language. That’s why researchers have urged mothers to read stories to the bump so that the baby can hear the voices.

It is said that after birth, babies “choose” the recording of the of their mother reading the story by sucking at a particular speed to trigger the recording! Whilst the baby is in the womb, the mother shouldn’t stress out too much as it could hinder the baby’s brain development.

2.Add a little Sunshine

Sunbathing in the morning is so enriching for you and your baby! The first rays of the morning sun carry the best amount of Vitamin-D so you get only 20 minutes to soak yourself in it!

Having food rich in vitamin-D isn’t enough because fresh sunlight is essential too!

3. Work out

Staying fit and active is important to have a healthy pregnancy.You need to quit being a couch potato and get on track if you want to make your baby smart and healthy. Stick to mild exercises and brisk walks, to begin with, and do it religiously for the sake of your baby.

Science has proved that active mothers produce smarter kids!

4. Massage to the rescue

Once you’re 20 weeks pregnant, your baby will begin recognising your touch too! What are you waiting for? Start massaging your bump gently and stroke it softly. This will trigger your baby’s nervous system and calm her down. Isn’t this a lovely excuse to get pampered? Grab some almond oil right now.

5. Music Therapy

If you want your baby to develop the same music taste as you… start off by making the baby listen to music while she’s still inside of you. Babies love music as it helps them in triggering the happy hormones. It makes them feel calm and joyful even in their prenatal state.

After birth, whenever they listen to music, they tend to associate to the same emotions and have this feel-good vibe.

6. Sing along

If you’re just a bathroom singer and bored of it, this is the best time to unleash your inner singer and sing for your baby in the womb. Unborn babies can pick up the tone and pitch in your voice and groove in your womb. Your baby too can pick up these simple rhythmic tunes. Nursery rhymes are the best ones to soothe and quieten your baby.

7. Vary your diet

A fancy diet can help boost your baby’s intellect. Since the taste buds begin developing from 12 weeks onwards, your baby too will be happy to enjoy the delicious treats you’ve been eating. By 25 weeks, the baby will absorb approximately 2 litres of amniotic fluid and she can actually absorb the flavours from that and develop taste for it. If you ate carrots during pregnancy, chances are that your baby will like carrot as a weaning food too. Now you know why your child loves pav bhaji more than you.











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