7 Ways To Become Irresistible To Your Husband Xyz

7 Ways To Become Irresistible To Your Husband Xyz

22 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Life after marriage begins stalling into a phase of absolute disinterest. You may often feel like your husband is not noticing you at all. Like not even that new kurta you’re wearing or those beautiful bangles you wore the other day. A flood of thoughts must have kept you awake for nights together, fearing that he will lose interest in you.

Here are 7 best ways to become irresistible to your husband:

1.Dress up for him

On any occasion, you don’t prefer too fashionable outfits, so you just make an excuse that they’re not cool. You love dressing up for the kitty parties you go to but not so much when you’re out with him.

To keep your sex lives spiced up, why not surprise him with a sensuous lingerie and make his fantasies come true!!

2. Flirt with him

If he loved your ‘nakhras’ then, chances are that he loves it even now. He misses those cute ways you used to flirt with him and tease him when you were newly in love. Flirting is your hidden talent and you know you’re good at it. Say things to him that will bring his attention to you in a fraction of a second. Let him know that he’s been on your mind a lot lately.

3. Bubble of Happiness

Be the light of his life by filling your home and lives with positivity. It is such a good feeling because it sets you up in the best mood you can ever be in! Plus people are attracted to happy people.Cheer up, ladies!

4.Join him

Men love it when you support them in their favorite activities. If your husband is fond of gardening, why don’t you join him while he’s watering plants or just trimming the hedges! If he is fond of watching cricket, support him and his favorite team and surprise him with his favorite food!

5. Notice him

When you see your husband grooming before the office and you happen to just compliment him and he then smiles. He probably loves it when you appreciate his grooming skills and of course, the man in him! Even that blue shirt he wore in the morning looked so good on him. He deserves the pampering too!

6.Quit being compulsive and forceful

Forget about taking control, correcting and directing for a while. Let him take the lead and watch what course your life takes!

7.Respect him

Respect him because you’re the one to teach your kids how to be kind and respectful. As a wife, you must respect your partner because he needs it the most from you. Be his all round support and you’ll see how he just runs into your arms.

You must know that this behavior is normal and what you need to do is give his ego a little push. That way you can understand him and make him realize that you need him. All he needs is, to have you run that extra mile carrying oodles of love and affection only for him.











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