Make Hand Washing Fun For Kids With These Tips And Tricks

Make Hand Washing Fun For Kids With These Tips And Tricks

We are all aware of the benefits of cleanliness and hand hygiene, especially when it comes to our hands. Research suggests that hand hygiene is the most important factor in avoiding the transmission of harmful germs on hands. But keeping your kids clean and away from germs can be a real daunting task. If you find yourself chasing after your little one and ensuring that they wash their hands at least before every meal, maybe it's time for a different approach.

To make it easier for you and your kids, we’ve put together a few things that you  could do to make this task a lot less boring and something that the kids will look forward to. For starters, it is important to make it less like a chore and more like an activity.

Get Soaps in Fun Colours and Shapes

Children love funny shapes and colours. You could get soaps that are available in fun and exciting shapes. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you could also make your own soap and involve your child in this activity too! Here’s a video that can help you create fun soaps. You could include toys inside the soap too so that your child looks forward to discovering them. Make sure that you use only child-safe ingredients when making your own soap.

Use Liquid Soap

If your kid is resisting to  solid soap, try using the liquid alternative. Often liquid hand washes are a lot more fun because of their translucent colour and flowing texture. Alternatively, you could also try getting a fun-looking bottle to store it in. There are a variety of containers ranging from cute looking animals to some mesmerising shapes.

Make It a Challenge

The ideal time for handwashing is anywhere between 30 - 40 seconds and your child should wash for at least 20 seconds for the soap to be effective. To get kids to wash their hands for the right amount of time, keep a sand timer and have your child turn it every time they come to wash their hands. Tell them that they need to lather well and wash between their fingers and nails to make sure no germs remain. Only when the sand timer is done can they rinse their hands. This way, you know they've done a thorough job, and no child likes to lose a challenge!

There are several ways you could get your  kids to wash their hands efficiently. However, getting the right soaps and hand cleansers are essential. If you'd rather not take the risk of having to deal with possible rashes and dry skin on your kids, you should give Baby Chakra's Organic Hand Wash a go.

A coconut-based hand wash with Tulsi extracts, Baby Chakra's Organic Hand Wash is India’s 1st and only baby-safe, natural, and toxin-free product. If you want a gentle hand soap for sensitive skin, this organic hand wash contains no alcohol, so you needn’t worry about rashes or itchiness after its use. What's better is that this natural hand wash uses 100% naturally derived and vegetarian ingredients, so it's pregnancy-safe as well. It's toxin-free and cruelty-free, so your furry friends don't suffer either.

Bottom Line

Keeping your children safe from germs is not all that difficult. But knowing how to inculcate health and hygiene habits and making it a part of their growing up is crucial for your kid’s healthy upbringing.

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