Can’t Decide if Hand Sanitisers Are Safe? Find Out Here

Can’t Decide if Hand Sanitisers Are Safe? Find Out Here

28 Feb 2020 | 3 min Read

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When it comes to caring for babies, especially newborns, most women turn into hands-on mothers. They make sure that everything the baby requires is within reach and easy to access. At times like these, especially while heading out of the house, it seems wise to carry as much as you can in the baby’s bag so that you do not face any problems later. But is this a solution to the baby’s problems or something that further adds on to it?

Take hand sanitisers, for instance. They seem like the perfect solution, right? All the work of soap, water, and napkins, done by a mere drop of this amazing product that is nothing short of a magic potion! If it is so convenient, shouldn’t it be on top of every mother’s list? But unfortunately,  it isn’t.

Pitfalls of Hand Sanitisers

The fact that most mothers refrain from using hand sanitisers isn’t exactly shocking since many of them fear the proportion of chemicals that go into making this too-good-to-be-true product. And, they’re not wrong. The main ingredient that most personal care products have is triclosan; which is the main cause for chronic irritation, skin breakdown and damage. Along with ethyl alcohol, another common component of such products, they destroy good bacteria as well that actually helps protect against all the bad bacteria (#2). It is safe to imagine that their effect will multiply when it comes to infants whose immune system is comparatively a lot more fragile.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that the amount of alcohol in these hand sanitisers is also a major issue. This is because, according to cases reported by ABC News, many children and toddlers directly consume the hand sanitisers by drinking from the bottle itself. At such times, it is extremely crucial to  be aware of the things that you leave in your baby’s hands and the amount of supervision they require when interacting with such products.

Striking a Balance

But what other option is there? How can one retain the portability of hand sanitisers whilst maintaining an ideal balance of safety to their baby’s health?

The answer is a chemical-free hand sanitiser. Baby Chakra’s Organic Hand Sanitiser is baby-safe and comes with the same ease and convenience provided by regular hand sanitisers. Baby Chakra’s Organic Hand Sanitiser is India’s first and only baby-safe hand sanitiser, which is not made using any synthetic perfumes that can be harmful to the child. This alcohol-free hand sanitiser for babies has a chemical-free composition and organic material that renders all the benefits of a hand sanitiser while keeping its harmful effects at bay.

With the goodness of aloe vera and vitamin E, these natural hand sanitisers are cruelty-free, vegetarian, and completely pregnancy-safe. One of their key ingredients is a coconut base that keeps the skin smooth and nourished and at the same time fights all harmful bacteria naturally.


A non-toxic hand sanitiser can work wonders for you and your baby. So make sure that the next time you head out to buy a hand sanitiser, you are mindful of the ingredients of the product and only select a natural hand sanitiser that is toxin-free and 100% natural.

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