The Right Way to Recognise, Treat and Prevent Nappy Rash?

The Right Way to Recognise, Treat and Prevent Nappy Rash?

Diapers are a godsend - they save messy washes and keep our  babies dry at all times. Diapers can surely make our lives as parents a tad bit simpler, however, if we are careless about diapering, they can bring in more than its share of pain!

Nappy rash is one such common, painful condition in babies (largely between the age group of 6-9 months) that is caused due to wetness and chemical reaction from urine and faeces being trapped in an unchanged diaper. This rash on the sensitive skin on a baby’s bottom may become secondarily infected by bacteria and / or yeast normally present on the skin, causing our little ones to be irritable, fussy and cranky especially during bath times.

No parent wants to see their baby go through this painful condition. What’s the right way to change diapers and prevent a nasty rash? Here are some basics:


Wash your hands with a good antibacterial soap before diaper changes. If outdoors, use a hand sanitizer to thoroughly sanitize.


Clean up appropriately (Front to back for girls, and the reverse for boys) with a soft, wet wash cloth and warm water/baby wipes and let the area dry.


Provide plenty of diaper-free time between changes. Use a superior barrier cream with zinc oxide, to avoid nappy rash, especially in the night. This protects your baby’s skin from irritation when in contact with urine or stool.

Zinc Oxide is a naturally mild skin protectant that prevents irritation in skin and has been proven very effective in treating nappy rash. If applied before diapering, it creates a shield and prevents rash. In addition to nappy rash cream (used after the rash breaks out), a preventive barrier cream with skin-soothing is more effective.

To sum up, a combination of the right products, ample diaper-free time, strict hygiene and good diapering practices will go far in ensuring that we have a comfortable baby and a less stressed parent!

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