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5 Reasons Why Moms are the Best Investors

5 Reasons Why Moms are the Best Investors

Women and finances do not go hand in hand. Or so it is believed. But we only have to look around to know that it is just another stereotype. And at BabyChakra, having interacted with moms and moms-to-be day in and out, we know for a fact that it is far from the truth! So we decided to bust the age-old myth of investments and finances being “too complicated” for womenfolk.

Here are five reasons why we think that moms and moms-to-be make the best investors! We are sure that by the end of the piece, you will be nodding in agreement.

Maybe it has something to do with the umpteen feeding schedules and the countless diaper changes or dealing with the nth temper tantrum of the day, but moms have oodles of patience. When it comes to investments too, one needs to have loads of patience. Stocks may move in any direction, there may be thousands of fluctuations and unexpected happenings around the world may cause the market to tank but smart investors stay put. Moms are likely to make super patient investors with an eye on the goal!

The secret tin box in the kitchen where moms of yesteryears may have hidden some money may have been replaced with more modern techniques now, but moms are pretty natural at managing money. How else do you explain moms effortlessly managing the expenses for a birthday party, a quick weekend getaway and fees for a summer class without breaking a sweat? Investors need to be prudent about instruments they are investing in, how they are spreading the risk across various investments while focusing on increasing the value of the money they have available. Moms are likely to fit right in!

Ever got away with lying to mom without her finding out? Chances are that she may have let it go but she knows. Investing too requires a discerning eye to be able to sift out the faff and arrive at the truth. There may be hundreds of reasons and advice on why one must/must not invest in a certain instrument but the shrewd investor knows which reasons to accept and which ones to ignore to arrive at the one that offers optimal value and returns.

From paint on the floor to modern works of art (read scribbles) on the wall to muddy footprints all over the house, moms have seen it all and are equipped to deal with all these and more. The biggest challenge that investors have to deal with is panic and the lack of imagination  on what needs to be done next. But a smart investor learns on the go and creates strategies to deal with unforeseen situations while always keeping an eye on the investment.

From the time that a woman decides to be a mom, she knows that she has signed up for a lifetime of an experience that never ceases to surprise! And so moms are usually unfazed about the smaller bumps along the way because they are in for the long haul. Smart investors too are not rattled by ups and downs in the market, they know that they are in it for building long-term value and not just for short-term gains.

So all you moms and moms-to-be out there who are hesitating to take that first step towards taking that first step towards financial independence, go ahead and just do it! You are going to be natural at it!


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