Easy Skin Care Tips During Lockdown!

Easy Skin Care Tips During Lockdown!

Due to COVID-19 outbreak and the reason of lock down most of the work places are digitalized in the form of option called Work From Home (WFH). Now, we gonna get into one important topic, that is, When was the last time you followed your regular skincare routine? It gets challenging to say the least. There are a lot of people who wake up just before work starts and sit in front of their laptops. Not just that, they are immersed in other activities including cooking meals in between, eating while working, attending calls and most importantly, meeting deadlines. We are turning out to be good multi-taskers but when we talk about skincare, it has slipped from our priority list. Isn’t it?

As our daily routine has completely changed, from our meals to our sleep pattern, it might leave a deep impact on our skin health. Your skin may feel different; it can get oily to dry or may experience more breakouts or even get dull. Therefore, it is essential to think about it.

Here Are a Few Tips From the Skincare Expert
Always keep a bottle of water

It is important to keep your body hydrated. There are several benefits of water for our bodies. It gives you glowing skin and improves your complexion. Water does this by flushing all the toxins that damage your skin. Therefore, make sure you keep a bottle of water and refill it whenever it’s over.

Cut sugar from your diet

While WFH, you have access to all types of food, from packed to processed. You may get into the habit of snacking every once in a while. Due to this, you are adding a lot of carbs, fat, and sugar to your body which can affect the health of your skin by either making it oily or prone to breakouts including pimples. Therefore, it is important to make sure you don’t consume these foods and instead go for foods like fruits and juices which will help your body to grow healthy.

What is CTM - do aware of it?

Even if you are home and feel laidback, don’t miss out on your CTM – cleanser, toner and moisturiser. It is important as it locks the natural moisture of your skin. Even if you are indoors, don’t miss out on your sunscreen every three hours as it protects your skin from all the harmful rays coming from the sun.

Make sure you workout

At least do 10 minutes of workout. It is not too much to ask for your skin as 10 minutes of workout will help your body to sweat and this will help your skin to open pores that are blocked due to dirt. Workouts also prevent our skin from breakouts. It keeps your blood circulation under control and gives skin a natural shiny look.

Stop experimenting too much

Do not experiment too much with your skin. A lot of people have the tendency to try different products and styles of skincare routine. But doctors suggest not to do so and stick to your normal skincare routine.

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