Top 5 Moms Making Quarantine Life Easy!!

Top 5 Moms Making Quarantine Life Easy!!

15 Apr 2020 | 4 min Read

Vidya Kanekar

Author | 27 Articles

During this quarantine times where we all are following #StayHomeStaySafe it is important to spend time with family and protect ourselves from this pandemic. Home is where we are safe and sound but during these days of quarantine it is important to stay motivated, healthy and happy .There are some amazing super moms who create amazing content about parenting,fitness,food and positivity.
We have handpicked 5 best mom bloggers you need to follow right away. Follow these Mom Influencers for some useful tips and content about parenting, fashion, fitness, and lifestyle who will make your quarantine time more fun and interesting.

1. Harpreet Suri


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Who says quarantine cannot be fun? Here we present to you our most loved, Global Indian Influencer, Harpreet Suri, an Inspiring, upbeat, yet so relatable mom of two who is Stirring a storm on social media with her unconventional thinking, her instahandle is a pure source of “Positivity, Awareness and Self-love” during these times with the purpose of inspiring people to live a happy life.
She pushes her followers to be hopeful in smallest of things as that’s where the strength lies. She often talks about opening our minds to new possibilities and motivates everyone to take little steps towards faith. Her initative #21DAYOFGRATITUDE started during LOCKDOWN has received immense love on Social Media. She shares her real life struggles with as much grace. Once you hop on to her page and follow her Stories and Videos you can’t help but feel that you are a part of the Suri household.

2. Yuvika Abrol

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Talking about fun?? Presenting everyone Yuvika Abrol who works on the principle of “A good laugh is sunshine in the house”.Talent is not made. This mom’s talent has no limits. The best thing about her is she is creating happy faces all around with all her fun content related to lockdown and moms daily life. Truly an inspiration in this quarantine time.

3. Deepali Soam

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Do you love MOMOS? Here we present Deepali Soam (momo of 2) who reminds us the proverb of “Food is the ingredient that binds us together”.Parenting, Fashion,Health, Fitness and FOOD,are what you can look out for in her profile. She is a Food Artist who will make your toddler enjoy his/her meal. She loves sharing her experiences with tempting recipes that moms can follow and make quarantine more enjoyable.


4. Prerna

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Exercise & Fitness- This mom is an expert in all. The answer is Prerna(Motivation). A healthy and active lifestyle is her motto. You won’t come to know she’s a MOM at first glance. If you need some inspiration to start a healthy lifestyle then you should definitely follow this mom blogger. She loves to encourage everyone to do Yoga making all her work out session more enjoyable. She also gives some useful parenting tips. Her daily live sessions would definitely motivate you to churn your muscles making quarantine lifestyle fit.


5) Preetjyot Kaur

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Laughing is the best form of therapy. Key to this therapy is our expert mom Preetjyot Kaur. Her daily tiktok and funny content is definitely a stress buster for moms. During these quarantine times this mom is helping us get all the smile curves at our faces. She is an artist with all her fun videos making sure that enjoyment is part and parcel of this quarantine with her family.She is truly an inspiration to so many moms out there. She shares a glimpse of her everyday comedy life on her profile. This shows that she was born to spread smiles with her Happy Dance.

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