Honest Toothpaste

Honest Toothpaste

It’s so rightly said that a truth may hurt you for a while, but a lie hurts forever! If the same was applied to the toothpastes which we use daily; imagine having a toothpaste, which never lies and is honest to you and tells you the truth. This sounds absurd doesn’t it?

Scientists have been able to create such a toothpaste which can tell you how well you brushed today and whether you were able to remove all the bacteria and germs out of your mouth.
To comprehend this, let us first understand, how does a tooth decay happen; despite being mindful of dental hygiene. When the diet consists of fermentable carbohydrates like sugars (sucrose) the bacteria present in the mouth digests this sugar and it forms acids that attacks the tooth and it results in tooth decay or cavity. This decay causing bacteria gets attached to your tooth and forms a layer called plaque. When we brush with a toothpaste it is assumed that this plaque is removed from the mouth through the mechanical movements.

In today’s times, it is possible to assure a complete success of plaque removal, if you use a toothpaste with a disclosing agent. A disclosing agent is nothing but a material which highlights the plaque on your tooth which is otherwise invisible and cannot be seen by your naked eyes. This disclosing agent contains fluorescein disodium salt; which is a dye. This dye present in your toothpaste will make the plaque appear in a different color (purple/green etc) which can be easily spotted giving it the deserved brushing attention. Stevens k et al (2016), a scientist had confirmed that if you use a toothpaste containing a disclosing agent and with proper instructions it is possible to remove plaque efficiently from the mouth.

So yes! it is like you have an honest toothpaste which tells you – Hurray, you have kicked all the germs today out of your mouth! With the world progressing, sooner than later, we must switch to such honest toothpastes and gift yourself a healthy smile.

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