Don't overfeed (breastfeeding) the baby

Don't overfeed (breastfeeding) the baby

The common term we get to hear from our parents, friends ,neighbors,; grand mothers, I would like to break this myth and give you the facts.

THERE IS NOTHING CALLED OVERFEEDING BREAST MILK, Let's remember breast milk is exclusively for the baby , it is produced by the baby (The more they suck the more the milk production) . For the first 3 months babies do not drink milk to their hunger; they take extra milk because of cluster feeding, and they spit the extra milk. It is very much normal and nothing to worry. Things like holding the baby in upright position for few minutes will help. But still if the baby spits don't panic, Like us everything is new to them as well, by 3 months they will learn to drink milk to their hunger and the spitting will slowly stop.

Few of us will confuse 'cluster feeding' as overfeeding, Cluster feeding means even after the baby's tummy is full they will not unlatch, they will try to sleep with nipples in their mouth. Ofcourse it is too much for a new mom to handle but that's how babies are... It is a well known fact that babies smell 'amniotic fluid' from the Mother's breast , the smell they are already familiar with..the smell which kept them safe inside.. Cluster feeding gives them safe feeling. It also helps the mother to produce more milk. So next time do not worry about cluster feeding, It is creating bond between you and your baby.

If the baby is glued to your breast for long time then gently unlatch; Please be gently. Do not introduce pacifiers or nipple shield; pacifier will make the babies to miss the feed, which will result in weight loss and nipple shield will stop the milk production because there is no direct skin to skin suckling.

This Mother's day let's help the new mothers to breastfeed their baby!

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