Spending Time Indoors? Your Baby’s Skin Needs Extra Care

Spending Time Indoors? Your Baby’s Skin Needs Extra Care

The Covid-19 pandemic has limited our movement and compelled us to stay indoors for a long time now. We are coping with the crisis in our own way and finding methods to be safe and healthy indoors. This time is especially challenging for parents with babies and toddlers, as keeping them safe and occupied at home is no easy task.

Along with a healthy diet, right stimulation and enough sleep, as parents, we need to take care of our baby’s skin as well, especially during this weather. Keeping your baby’s skin healthy is now easy with the right baby skincare products from Flipkart!

Since we are confined indoors, it is easy for us to stray from the everyday routine of a dedicated bath time, feeding time and nap times. However, staying inside calls for a more rigorous skincare routine for your baby.

Most of us might be spending more time in an air-conditioned environment due to the hot and humid weather. While we as adults might not realise the effect of cold air on our skin, the air from an air conditioner can dry out our babies’ sensitive skin. It is therefore important to dress your baby in covered clothes and make sure that her/his skin is moisturised with a good quality moisturising cream or lotion.


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During the times when we are not using the air conditioner, the hot air and humidity due to the onset of rains could cause your baby to sweat and feel uncomfortable. The accumulated sweat might also cause prickly heat or rashes on your baby’s skin. To avoid this, experts recommend giving the baby a bath with lukewarm water at least twice a day. Baby soaps and shampoos that are gentle on the skin must be used to cleanse dirt and sweat from the skin.

After a bath, pat dry your baby’s skin and apply baby powder if necessary. Applying a good diaper rash cream on the diaper area is also recommended since it might prevent the occurrence of a nappy rash, which is more common during muggy weather. Dress your little one in loose cotton clothes to allow the skin to breathe.


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Keeping your baby hydrated and feeding him/her plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables (if your baby has started his/her solid food journey) also helps in keeping the skin healthy.

This time might be unsettling for all of us, but maintaining hygiene, eating healthy, respecting social distancing rules and staying positive will go a long way in keeping us and our families healthy and happy. Stay home, stay safe, and get all your baby’s essentials from Flipkart!

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