Missed Vaccination due to Lockdown? Don’t Hesitate, Vaccinate

Missed Vaccination due to Lockdown? Don’t Hesitate, Vaccinate

Prevention (including immunizations) and management of communicable diseases is considered as an “Essential Medical service”1.

It should be emphasized that “Immunization is a Core Health Service” that should be prioritized for the prevention of communicable diseases and safeguarded for continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic, where feasible. Immunization delivery strategies may need to be adapted and should be conducted under safe conditions, without undue harm to health workers, caregivers and the community1.


Immunizations during a Pandemic
Due to reasons mentioned above, immunizations should be continued during COVID 19 Pandemic as immunization is an essential health activity1.

Points to remember for vaccination of infants and children during current times1:

  • It is preferable to give vaccinations at fixed date/day and time.
  • It is essential to stagger appointments to avoid crowding in the clinic.
  • Smaller number of caretakers should be permitted with each child.
  • All caretakers and children, except infants should wear a mask.
  • It is always essential to maintain social distancing.
  • If required Digital payment is to be encouraged.
  • Senior citizens (more than 60yrs of age) should be requested not to accompany the child to be vaccinated.



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Adapted from: ACVIP Guidelines on Immunizations during COVID 19 Pandemic. Iapindia.org. 2020 [cited 03 June 2020]. Available from: https://iapindia.org/pdf/1455-FINAL-ADVISORY-ACVIP-Guidelines-on-Immunisations-during-COVID-19-Pandemic-skd.pdf


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