Smart Ways to Get Beautiful and Healthy Hair in Your 30s

Smart Ways to Get Beautiful and Healthy Hair in Your 30s

Ahh, the glorious twenties! Those wonder years when we could binge on pizzas and chocolates, party till the wee hours of the morning and yet not feel tired or put on much weight. Enter your thirties, become a parent, and everything changes.
Metabolism slows down, hormones don’t behave, and it suddenly becomes hard to keep the pounds off. But what hits us most is that our hair doesn’t look or feel as healthy as before.

While we can’t stop the body clock, what we can do is make conscious lifestyle choices and concentrate on taking care of our body, skin and most importantly our hair, by going natural and healthy, so that we can say bye-bye to hair and scalp problems for good!

Ready? Here are some smart ways to maintain hair health in the long run

Eat right

This one is a no-brainer. A healthy body supports healthy hair. Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, complex carbs, good fat and steering clear from sugary and processed foods supports the body, and hence hair health.


Exercise and stay hydrated

Drinking up often (we mean water and healthy drinks) and staying active also contributes to healthy hair. So stay hydrated and exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes at least 5 times a week. Exercise gets the blood flow going and water helps flush out the toxins.


Go Natural

Choose hair care products that have natural and safe ingredients. Take Herbal Essences, for example. Herbal Essences Shampoos and Conditioners are made from 90% naturally derived ingredients. They are enriched with real plant extracts, which are super effective and offer high quality performance.


Skip the worry

Worry will only contribute to hair and health problems, not solve them! If you’re worrying about losing weight, then eating healthy and exercising consistently will help. If you’re stressing about hair problems, then Herbal Essences is here to help!

Staying away from artificial ingredients and chemicals, moving closer to experience nature and natural products and experiencing joy will keep us healthy and happy from within and outside. Celebrate your natural beauty, be your true self and keep your hair beautiful and lustrous with Herbal Essences. Buy from their best-selling variants here!

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