“It is Comforting When Brands Come up With Products That Make Mums’ Lives Easier.”

“It is Comforting When Brands Come up With Products That Make Mums’ Lives Easier.”

I have always been very particular about my baby's skin. Even before my son was born, I would look for ways to keep a baby's skin soft as I had heard horror stories about the harsh effects of the wrong skincare products on delicate skin.

After the delivery, I tried different creams and lotions on my newborn. I wasn't entirely happy with the results. Either the product would leave my son's skin dry or my little one’s skin would not smell appealing.

I noticed that my baby would develop angry-looking, red patches on his legs and I would often be worried. All the products I used worked only temporarily.

My pediatrician than recommended Curatio’s Atogla which I started applying on my baby’s skin since it was backed by my baby’s pediatrician. To my surprise, the red rashes disappeared in three days!

At the end of February, I was invited to be a part of an event by Babychakra and Curatio Healthcare. The event promised to shed light on innovation in baby skincare, so I made sure I attended it. I was glad I did, it was life-changing for me.

Apart from the interesting information and tips shared by the dermatologist, mums were given a Curatio kit. The kit had Curatio's innovative babycare products - Tedibar bathing bar, Atogla lotion, Spoo shampoo, B4 Nappi Cream and B4 Nappi wipes

Before the event, I did not know how important pH was for a baby's skin. I also understood that it is important to check if baby products are dermatologically tested.


Since I had already used Atogla under my pediatrician’s guidance, I was curious to try the other products.

I began to use Spoo shampoo. The shampoo cleansed my son's scalp effectively. But what I liked the most was the fragrance. It was mild yet pleasant.

My son's diaper rashes were also under control with B4 Nappi cream which I used every night before putting on the diaper.

My favourite product amongst all these in the kit is the Tedibar bathing bar. The bar leaves my baby's skin super soft after every bath. The texture of Tedibar is also smooth, and it does not over lather.


The best part about the products was that they instilled confidence in me as a mom. I no longer felt helpless every time I saw the red rashes on my baby’s legs and arms. It is very comforting and reassuring when brands come up with products that make mums’ lives easier.


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