7 Useful Hygiene Tips to Keep Your New Baby Safe and Healthy

7 Useful Hygiene Tips to Keep Your New Baby Safe and Healthy

Every new parent wants to do everything they can to protect the health of baby.


Want to know how to practice excellent kids' hygiene for babies? This article contains a list of 7 hygiene tips that can help ease you through the first few months of parenthood. Follow this guide for tips on home hygiene and hygiene practices with visitors and pets, and personal hygiene for your new baby!


Every new parent wants to do everything they can to protect the health of their brand new baby, and older kids. New-born babies do not have strong immune systems and are vulnerable to common diseases and pathogens, which older children may shake off. To ensure that you keep your baby protected, follow our seven simple rules for kids' hygiene to set your mind at rest.


1. Wash Your Hands Regularly

As a parent, when your baby is first born, they will spend time with you and are dependent on you for all their needs. Naturally, you will want to spend as much time cuddling and handling them as possible. To reduce the chances of passing an infection to your baby, make sure you wash your hands frequently. This way, you can give your baby all the love they need without worrying about germs. If you have older children, make sure they also practice good hand hygiene for kids.


2. Limit Visitors

Friends and family will all want to see your baby – this comes with the territory when you’re a new parent. However, when your baby is little, you should limit the number of people who visit all at once. Although it can be hard to turn relatives away, the more people who come in and out, the more germs your baby is exposed to. Insist that anyone who is sick stays away too.


3. Sterilize Bottles, Pacifiers, and Toys

Babies do not have developed motor skills, and things tend to fall on the floor when you’re feeding or playing with a baby. Ensure you practice hygiene for kids by washing and sterilizing anything that is regularly in and out of your baby’s mouth. Bottles, pacifiers, and milk pumps are especially susceptible to bacterial build-up, so sterilize these thoroughly to ensure your kids' hygiene is up to scratch.


4. Change Your Baby and Throw Out Diapers Regularly

Babies are susceptible to uncomfortable rashes and infections if their diapers are not frequently changed. Motherhood can be a whirlwind, and it’s easy to forget about personal hygiene for kids when you’re so busy. Make sure that old diapers are always swiftly disposed of and not left to pile up in bins or on the baby changing pad for optimal kids' hygiene.


5. Take Care with Pets

Pets and babies make adorable friends, and you’ll no doubt want your pet and baby to get along. Pets can be tricky when it comes to kids' hygiene, however, and you might need to take extra precautions. Babies can pick up germs from pets, especially if cats and dogs lick their faces. Train your dog so that it does not lick your baby, and don’t allow cats into your baby’s room unsupervised. Wash your hands after handling your pets and before you touch your baby.


6. Brush Baby's Teeth

It’s important to practice good dental hygiene for kids, even from an early age. Use a very soft toothbrush and gently brush your baby’s gums and teeth as they start to grow. You can also buy baby-safe toothpaste. Instilling good personal hygiene for kids early on means they will be well protected against tooth decay later in life.


7. Bathe Baby and Use Baby Lotion

Babies have sensitive skin and can be prone to conditions like eczema. You shouldn’t bathe your baby every day, but make sure you wash them a few times a week and use a baby-safe wash and lotion to cleanse and moisturize sensitive skin. Bath time can be a lovely bonding experience for parents and babies, as well as a good source of personal hygiene for kids.


Parenting shouldn’t be unnecessarily stressful! We hope this article lightens the load and that you’ve found these hygiene tips for kids helpful.


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