Bathing Basics 101: Techniques to Bathe Your Baby

Bathing Basics 101: Techniques to Bathe Your Baby

When I became a mother, I remember feeling overwhelmed before giving my baby her first bath. Ensuring that my little one was cleansed and bathed thoroughly using the right cleanser was important for me. But as a first time mom, I had plenty of questions such as:

“Is water alone enough to clean my baby? If not, which soap to use?” and many more doubts bothered me then.


As my baby grew, I became more comfortable in bathing her myself and enjoyed the process. I realised that bathing my baby was not only about cleansing, it was about developing a mum-baby bond, giving my baby a sensory experience, helping her relax, and lulling her to a restful sleep. Now, for my baby and me, bath time is a time we both look forward to!

As an experienced mum, I understand now when a new mum feels nervous about bathing her baby. All I can say is that trust yourself, follow the right bathing techniques and you’re well on your way to keep your baby clean, hygienic and happy!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to learn the right bathing technique.

Water prepared for baby’s bath must be warm. Test the temperature of the water in the tub with your wrist/elbow.

Support your little one’s head and back while placing in the tub.



Your baby’s soap should be gentle yet effective on your baby’s skin. An effective baby soap removes almost all dirt and germs from your baby’s skin. Johnson’s baby soap washes away 99.9% germs.



Clean the baby's face working from middle outward. Make sure you clean the creases. Clean the diaper area last

Now gently lift your baby out of the tub after you wash off the soap. Keep your baby’s bath towel and clothes handy.

Pat the skin dry using a towel. Apply Johnson’s Baby lotion to protect the baby’s skin from dryness.


For a mum to bathe her newborn is a beautiful experience as it deepens the bond between them, creating many such memories to be cherished and remembered for a lifetime.


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