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7 Amazing Games to Play with Your Baby to Drive Away Boredom Blues

7 Amazing Games to Play with Your Baby to Drive Away Boredom Blues

28 Jul 2020 | 3 min Read


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Staying indoors has brought with it a unique kind of a problem – boredom. Our socialising and travel plans have been put on hold and will continue to be on pause for sometime now. We’re bored of repeatedly doing the same things at home and very soon, most of us might begetting a bit overwhelmed.


If you have a little one at home, you might be getting overwhelmed by thinking of ideas to entertain her/him as curious little children constantly need stimulation. Well, worry not! We have some awesome ways to keep your baby entertained indoors. All you need is a bit of imagination and some lovely products from Flipkart!


Unique games to play with your child indoors


Which egg am I In?

This game could improve your child’s focus, colour-recognition skills and concentration.
Use colourful boxes with lids or a nesting egg toy set and lay them out in a row.Hide a small object like a small toy car or an eraser in one of the eggs/boxes in front of your child. Now shuffle the order of the boxes/eggs and ask your child to guess which egg/box the small toy is in! Great for babies over 10 months and toddlers too.


I’m A Rockstar

Take pretend play to the next level by putting your little one’s soft toys as an audience and asking him/her to perform a song, give a speech, perform a magic trick or pretend cook!

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My Very Own Home

Children love to play in bed sheet forts and cozy nooks. A play tent will totally allow their imagination to take flight so much that might even want to eat or sleep there! You can imagine that the tent is your new holiday resort or relative’s house. Pack a bag and ‘travel’ there with your tot. That’s travelling while staying at home, for you!

Music to my ears

Make a funny song to the tune of popular nursery rhymes and sing them with your little one. Use toy musical instruments to add to the fun. Making a new song everyday is a fun way to improve your toddler’s vocabulary and a great way for you to make memories!


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I’m a masterchef

A kitchen set is an awesome way to initiate your child to love food and coax him/her to explore new tastes and flavours. Set up your very own healthy foods, bizarre food, pink foods, rainbow foods etc. restaurants and be prepared to give your child’s emotional, and cognitive skills a boost!



Teach your little champ counting by arranging their toys in a row and grouping them to show concepts of addition and subtraction. In no time, your child will start doing this on her/his own!


Staying indoors and away from his/her friends is hard for your little one as well since children love outdoor activities and open spaces. Making up innovative games, reading and spending time as a family is one of the easiest ways to tide over this difficult period. Make it creative and fun together with the choicest products from Flipkart!













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