Awesome Brain-Development Toys for Your baby to Enjoy Indoors

Awesome Brain-Development Toys for Your baby to Enjoy Indoors

With the COVID 19 pandemic on us and the lockdown in place, the past months have felt like a forced holiday for most of us. We have (or are close to having) exhausted our creativity, energy and patience levels with keeping ourselves and our little ones healthy and safe. With the lockdown slowly opening and life limping back to normalcy, we still have a long way to go before our little ones can play freely and go about their usual routine.

With monsoon almost upon us, we are going to be cooped up at home for another couple of months at least. The older kids might have school routines and online classes that they will be busy with, the little ones though, will need to be engaged and stimulated both physically and mentally. Why not stimulate their brain development with educational toys from Flipkart?

Brain-development toys for ages 6 months to 1 year (Infants):

Infants are still getting used to life outside the womb. They will react to sound, colours, moving objects that are in their line of vision. Rattles that they can grab on to, stackers, play gyms and squeaky bath toys have them most entertained.

Brain-development toys for ages 1 to 3 (Toddlers):

At this age toys need to channelize the humongous energy that toddlers have. This is an age full of curiosity too. Musical toys that operate on pressing buttons will both amuse them and help them realise that things can be controlled (I hear music when I press this button). Some of these have pre- loaded rhymes and songs that toddlers dance to, releasing all that energy. Toys like jigsaw puzzles (large pieces, sturdy material) and shape sorters will help both gross and fine motor skills. It is also an introduction to problem solving and spatial reasoning, not to forget the sense of accomplishment and joy with the completion of the task at hand.

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Art and craft supplies - paints, stickers, crayons, paint mats, play doh sets, doodle slates etc unleash creativity and lots of fun getting messy. For a little mobility around the house and to take care of the physical exercise they need (albeit in the confines of your homes, these days), skipping ropes, riding toys hula-hoops etc will ensure that they have just the right amount of exercise so bedtimes do not stretch into eternity.


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Ages 4 and 5 (Pre & early schoolers):

At this age children enjoy structure and routine. They love problem solving and winning games and the toys you choose need to take care of these. Jigsaw puzzles, Construction blocks (smaller in size), simple board games can help them sit in one place and follow rules and instructions. Action figurines of their favourite cartoon characters / superheroes encourage pretend play and are an outlet for imagination and story building.


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All in all, this time indoors has taught us to be creative, spend time with our little ones and enjoy super products from Flipkart.


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