In Conversation With Sci Fi Mom, Renuka

In Conversation With Sci Fi Mom, Renuka

17 Oct 2015 | 5 min Read

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Being a mom is no cakewalk, then what is being a Sci-Fi Mom like? Meet Renuka Diwan, the founder of Sci fi Wonders Like every other mom, she wanted best for her child and in her quest to find the best, she founded something amazing that is doing wonders with many kids. Read her story of being a business mommy here..

1. My Mom Quotient

Hopefully, I am a Cool mom!! I hope that as parents, me and my husband have managed to create an environment in which my son feels safe to share anything and everything.

Teach the well and trust what you have taught them. We cannot take away all the obstacles and thorns in their way or fight their battles for them. What we can do build their confidence so that they can overcome any challenges life decides to throw at them. I believe in letting children explore and discover this world for themselves and let them know that if ever they need us, we will always be there.

2. My Mom Inc. Story
After having my son a typical job became very restrictive and I couldn’t spend as much time as I wanted to with my son. Flexibility was of utmost importance as my husband works in merchant navy and is away for prolonged periods. It made no sense that I was also away the whole day.

We have a “gifted” child. From the beginning we could see he was way ahead of his peers. On one hand I found that the current schooling system was very restrictive and on the other hand there weren’t any platforms where children could explore and learn. There are many art, craft, math and science classes but nothing that integrates it all. I have always felt strongly that if things could be taught in a different way, where children could relate to the topic and develop connection with it, they can learn anything. I have always loved teaching (and am a visiting faculty at National Institute of Virology NIV & Institute of Bioinformatics and biotechnology IBB) so I decided to take the plunge and founded Sci Fi Wonders.

Sci Fi Wonders is an educational enrichment initiative that inspires children to explore, investigate & discover joy of learning. We recognize intelligence as a set of abilities, talents or mental skills in different areas like linguistic, logical & mathematical, musical, kinaesthetic, spatial, interpersonal & interpersonal. Sessions are designed using all 8 intelligence, to help children build on their natural talent, boost confidence and motivate inquiry. Our expertise lies in providing opportunity to the children to learn SCIENCE FROM SCIENTIST! We strive to provide TEAR & FEAR FREE LEARNING for kids as well you!

Sci Fi Wonders Team

We have recently launched a program called SMART (Science, Math, Art, Research & Technology) which is a “Multiple Intelligence” based program with a vast range of original, creative, practical & engaging activities to inspire & engage young learners. SMART sessions designed to help students develop their strengths can also trigger their confidence to develop areas in which they are not as strong. For this we are tying up with schools and colleges in Pune.

Sci Fi Wonders franchise will be starting shortly in Mumbai. We also do science fairs, events, festivals, live demos or hands on experiments and corporate events.

3. Who inspired/ supported me
My entire family was very supportive, especially my husband. It’s not every day that someone decides to leave a job in research and start something for kids! I had a very tough choice to make as I was making a huge career shift, but thanks to my husband I was able to start Sci Fi Wonders. My friends volunteered as facilitators for the first ever session we conducted.

4. Advice/tips:

Listen to and follow your heart. We get very caught up in measuring ourselves by standards of success the world has set for us. Break free and redefine your parameters.

There is no right time to start. Just start, in any way you can. Plan for short periods and achieve them, so that the process doesn’t get overwhelming.

Super woman is a myth. Don’t try to be one. If you think you are doing a bad job as parent, just ask your child. They will tell you how much they admire you and you will discover that you are their hero! Don’t be hard on yourself.

Taking time out for yourself isn’t something to be guilty about. It is necessary to be fit mentally and physically. No one can achieve anything if they burn out!

5. I love BabyChakra because it provides exactly all this- support for moms, guidance for raising your child, inspirational stories for mom-preneurs. It is an ideal platform for moms and moms-to be.

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