DocSpeak: Best Practices to Take Care of Your Baby’s Skin

DocSpeak: Best Practices to Take Care of Your Baby’s Skin

Baby skin needs extra care as it is delicate and thinner than an adult’s skin. There is a myth amongst parents that if a baby’s skin is soft, it is assumed to be hydrated. On the contrary, baby skin loses moisture faster because the epidermis is not attached to the dermis.


Also, the pH level of a baby’s skin is higher as compared to an adult’s. Therefore, a baby’s skin is more prone to dryness. Hence, moisturizing baby skin and using the right bathing bar and cleanser is essential.

Cream or Lotion- Which moisturises better?

Lotion has a high water content as compared to cream. It is readily absorbed in the baby's skin. You can start using a lotion around two months of age.

Creams are thicker in consistency. It is ideally used on extremely dry skin. Creams contain more moisture as compared to lotions. So it is best suited for premature babies with dry skin conditions. Consult your paediatrician for the same.

What must parents look for when buying skincare products meant for infants?

Parents should consider the following points before buying skincare products for their little buds.

a) Buy branded products that deliver as per their promise. Check out the labels carefully. Nearly every product comes with a 'Safe for babies” tag, but it should be counter-checked by parents.

b) The product should be paraben, alcohol, sulphates, animal oil-free. These contain chemicals that can harm your baby's skin.

c)It should be free from allergen-causing agents.

d)The fragrance is a key point in selecting products. Avoid strong-smelling products because it will lead to irritation on the skin.

Your little bud will bloom into a flower before you know it. Take good care of her/his health with lots of love, nourishment, hygiene and the right products.


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