Keeping Your Baby’s Skin Smooth and Soft, Always!

Keeping Your Baby’s Skin Smooth and Soft, Always!

When one thinks about a baby’s skin, the words gentle, pure and soft come to the top of your mind. I remember when I held my baby for the first time, her pink soft skin is what fascinated me the most. I would spend hours admiring my little one’s tiny fingers, toes and delicate skin.


But as she grew and achieved her milestones, my baby's skin would be exposed to dirt and germs often because of crawling, touching things while she played and the food that would fall all over her during weaning.

So, I would wash and wipe my little one often with soap and water. Little did I realise, constantly wiping and bathing meant that I was rubbing away the all-important layer of moisture from my baby’s delicate skin.


Once during bath time, I noticed that my baby’s skin did not feel smooth and supple as it did before.

I also observed that my baby’s skin was red at places, especially in areas around her wrists, diaper area and arms.


Her elbows and knees showed signs of roughness, and her tiny feet were starting to feel rough as well. The area around her mouth also seemed rough due to the constant wiping around the mouth after feeding.



It was around the same time that I spoke to my fellow mom friends and some of them had similar problems to share. One mom friend observed her baby itch on her skin around the neck area.


I also read up that some babies could have chapped skin and have rashes as well.




These signs worried me, so I contacted my baby’s paediatrician. The paediatrician told me that these were classic signs of dryness and that I had to ensure that my baby’s skin was moisturised well. She added that:


  • Baby skin is more delicate and vulnerable than an adult
  • She explained that a baby’s skin is the first line of defence from the outside world and that it needed to be hydrated and moisturised regularly


Since I was washing my baby’s face and hands frequently, I needed a moisturising cream and lotion to keep it away from dryness

What was also important, was to moisturize my little one’s skin especially after a bath and during night time. Johnson’s baby lotion and cream keeps baby’s skin soft and smooth. It is pH balanced, hypoallergenic and nourishes a baby’s skin for 24 hours.


What’s more, Johnson’s clinically proven and gentle moisturising cream and lotion is effective right from its first use. Massaging my baby’s skin with an effective moisturizer meant that I could keep her skin hydrated, healthy and full of moisture. Of course, let’s not forget the lovely smell of the product. Giving a massage even meant I could bond with my baby while singing, laughing and playing with her.


There is no greater joy for a mom than to ensure that her baby is healthy and happy. With the right amount of care, we can keep the cuddles and snuggles with our babies on for a long time to come.

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