Is there a diaper that’s best for your baby AND the environment? Yes, there is!

Is there a diaper that’s best for your baby AND the environment? Yes, there is!

Your baby deserves only the best - that’s why as a parent you thoroughly research and choose only the best skincare products, soft yet stylish clothes and good quality toys for your little one.


Most of us look for baby products that are safe, non toxic and free from harmful ingredients. But have we ever thought about the safety of the diapers we use on our babies almost every day?


It is true that diapering has made parenting a bit easier, by allowing us longer hours of sleep at night and the freedom to travel around with our babies. However, disposable diapers have their share of negatives.


Some diapers do not fit the baby well, resulting in leakage and discomfort. Some others do not absorb well, or also have chemicals or fragrance that could be allergic or harmful to a baby’s skin. What is also concerning is that most disposable diapers are not biodegradable, and are hence not safe for the environment.


So now, is there a diaper that is safe for your baby and for the environment? There is! Mamaearth’s super absorbent diaper is India’s first plant-based diaper that keeps your baby safe and dry while being gentle on his/her skin.

As a parent, you would want a diaper that lasts long, holds well, does not harm your baby’s skin and fits well. Do Mamaearth plant-based diapers check these boxes as well? As a matter of fact, they do!


From the time your baby is born till the time s/he is potty trained, diapers form an integral part of her/his journey. A diaper’s job is to keep your baby safe and dry so that s/he can happily explore the world around him. Mamaearth super absorbent diapers do just that - provide comfort to your baby, convenience to you and love to the environment.


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