Top 5 Places to shop for kids’ traditional clothes in Mumbai

Top 5 Places to shop for kids’ traditional clothes in Mumbai

The festival season has just arrived, sending most parents to a wild goose chase across the city for that perfect 'chaniya choli', 'anarkali' or 'kurta pajama' for their tiny tots. In spite of Mumbai being the epicentre of fashion in India, many parents find it difficult to get good traditional clothes for kids here.

Having sailed in the same boat, I have scouted the markets quite a bit and here is my list of 'go-to places for kids' traditional clothes.

If you are not averse to a heavy dose of Vitamin D, and game for some street shopping, then stroll through the narrow and crowded lanes of Andheri (west) market, Aggarwal market (Parle East), Natraj Market (Malad West), Grand Road market, Linking Road (Bandra west), and Colaba Causeway. The roadside stalls and makeshift 'thelas' (on one occasion I found them displaying on a tree) stock pretty chaniya cholis and other traditional dresses. You can bargain and get them at really reasonable prices. You can even try your luck at Alfa in Irla and Khokha market in Vile Parle West; they have some pretty neat shops for kids wear.

However, if bargaining is not your forte, nor are you prepared to scorch yourself in the relentless sun, then here is a list of top 5 places to shop for kids' traditional clothes.

1. Lokhandwala Market (Andheri West):

Lokhandwala is a ladies' market, will say many. But, there are equal number of kids' garments shops you will across. My personal favourite is Shimmer (26359398, 26359911) where you will get beautiful anarkalis and Indo-western gowns, and sets of kurta-pajama-jacket.

However, you can try others like City Girl (26326406, 66919936) and Aby Baby (26311818), and you won't be disappointed.

2. Nadco Shopping Center (Andheri West):

Nadco Dresses (26716807), being an all-exclusive kids' shop, you can find traditional dresses for newborn babies as well.

3. Vile Parle:

On the Station Road in Vile Parle East, it's hard to miss Trendsetter (2610 3905). A huge shop catering to kids of all ages and sizes, you are sure to find what you are looking for. For the residents of Juhu, it only makes sense to head to Green Bell (26143258), near Sahakari Bhandar, Vile Parle West. You will fall in love with the collection there, to suit all interests and budgets.

4. South Mumbai:

There are no dearth of shops catering to kids' clothing requirements. However, due to the sheer size of this charming part of the town, I am just listing down a few.

• At Jinaam Villa (Boys ONLY - 23802424, 23802626 - next to Cumbala Hill Hospital), you can find cute kurta-pajama and dhoti-kurta sets, Sherwanis, Nehru jackets and Bandgalas for your smart boys.

• Status (23852788) at Prarthana Samaj, Girgaum has an enviable collection of traditional clothes for kids. There are other shops near this stop, that also stock a good variety.

5. Ghatkopar:

If you are looking for party wear or wedding wear, Hello Kitty (38524130) at Ghatkopar West will definitely come to your rescue. Their clothes are a tad bit expensive, but they have a beautiful collection, worth every rupee spent.


Stay with us to find other: children's clothing stores in Mumbai.

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