Worried About Your Baby Getting Multiple Injections of Vaccines? Fear Not!

Worried About Your Baby Getting Multiple Injections of Vaccines? Fear Not!

As a new parent, you wish to keep your baby healthy, happy and safe. One of the most effective ways you can protect your little one’s future is through immunisation.1 Vaccines play a central role in preventing child deaths and morbidity.2 They are usually given in childhood to help prevent serious, often deadly diseases by stimulating the body’s natural defences.3


We understand that as a parent it is painful to see your little baby crying after getting pricked by multiple injections. Moreover, multiple injections means repeated pain and discomfort experienced by the baby, the inconvenience of visiting the pediatrician often and calming the baby down after every injection. However, since vaccination is important, one must follow the recommended schedule.3


Some serious illnesses that your newborn must be vaccinated against are:
Polio: Is caused by the poliovirus and can lead to paralysis as well as disability.4
Hepatitis B: Is a viral infection that affects the liver5
Diphtheria: Is a serious throat infection that can block airways6
Tetanus: Can cause muscle spasms leading to death7
Pertussis: Is a respiratory illness which can be fatal for infants8
Hib*: Can cause mild to serious infections like pneumonia or brain fever9

Many parents worry that multiple vaccines will overload their baby’s immune system.3 But children are exposed to hundreds of germs every day. Studies say a common cold or sore throat will put a greater burden on your child’s immune system than vaccines.3



Here are some benefits of combination vaccine.

For children

  • On-time protection
  • Less injection pricks
  • Less pain of multiple injections and discomfort

Benefits for parents

  • Less inconvenience
  • Fewer visits to Pediatrician
  • Less time off from work or family activity


Speak to your paediatrician to know more about the above-mentioned 6 serious diseases and available combination vaccination for these.


*Hib - Haemophilus Influenzae Type b

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