How to Increase Self Esteem

How to Increase Self Esteem

“Behind every young child who believes in himself , is a parent who believed first”


Parents want the best for their children and often stretch themselves , financially as well as personally, to give them the best possible- clothes,experiences, pre-schools, activities and materialistic comforts.


Today, more and more parents feel that an early start in terms of exposure to activities, nutrition and experiences, gives an edge to their little one and is vital for success , all through Life.


Toddlers become celebrities ,sometimes, even before they learn to walk or talk , thanks to the social media handles of their parents.


In this quest to provide the best available to their children, sometimes a vital point gets neglected –shaping children to believe in themselves . Further, do parents think their children as capable or do they doubt a child’s child’s intrinsic ability to grow and figure out things for themselves , their capacity to learn? Each parent needs to ask themselves on a daily basis “ what did I do today to raise my growing child’s self-esteem ?


Some helpful phrases to raise a child’s self esteem are :

  • I believe in you….
  • Would you like to try it by yourself..
  • You are capable. ...
  • No matter, I love you. ...
  • Would you like to try it together ...
  • What would you like to do ..
  • I understand..
  • Would you like to try it differently..
  • Have you thought about what will happen , if you do it , this way…

When young children are encouraged to think and take small decisions , they learn to believe in themselves. They develop a healthy self-esteem. Their problem solving skills go up and they learn that there are consequences. Further, they learn to feel their feelings and become more and more , emotionally intelligent.


Self esteem is the value that we place on ourselves. If a child grows up to believe that only outward achievments are the benchmark to worth, the child will feel “ not good- enough” . He or she will grow up into an adult who is under confident and plagued by self-doubt. From birth till the age of 5, children develop a sense of worth from the way their parents treat them. If they feel loved,capableand appreciated , irrespective of their outside activities and achievements, they develop a solid foundation of healthy self-esteem.



They learn to value themselves just because they are human .They are able to tap into their humanity and become resilient, smart and confident adults, who can move mountains , if needed , for success , in all spheres of life as their sense of worth is strong They develop healthy pillars of self-belief such as “ I am worthy. I am good. I an valuable” .


Thus, children with healthy self-esteem , feel confident, valued and secure. They tend to be independent and are likely to succeed in school and set as well as achieve personal goals. Further, they grow up to be emotional strong adults who can mange their emotions and tackle stressors and challenges with ease.


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