Winter Care For Your Baby: How The Right Massage Oil Helps

Winter Care For Your Baby: How The Right Massage Oil Helps

Winter has properly set in and the nip in the air is unmistakable. This is the perfect time to cozy up in warm clothing, blankets and enjoy piping hot food, but it is also the season to eat right and keep our skin moisturised as dry skin problems are very common in this weather.
This weather affects our little ones’ skin the most. Our babies have skin that is more sensitive and thinner than ours and therefore, their skin dries out more easily in the winter months.


Along with dryness, your baby could experience eczema, redness and itchy skin in winter that could cause him/her great discomfort. Keeping your baby’s skin moisturised is the first step to baby skincare in this harsh weather. Using the right baby massage oil can ensure that your baby’s skin stays supple and smooth for longer. But how do you choose the right massage oil for your baby?


Since centuries, mothers, grandmothers and caregivers in our country have trusted the science of Ayurveda and have used ingredients from nature to enrich baby oils. Ingredients such as Ratanjyot, Sesame Oil, Karpura, Shankhpushpi and Masha have been used in baby oils to not only nourish the baby’s skin but also to nourish the developing bones and muscles. This age old wisdom is present today in Dabur Lal Tail.


As a parent, we know that our baby’s skin needs only products that are mild, safe to use and have ingredients that are derived from nature and are effective. Dabur Lal Tail ticks all these boxes. In addition, the ingredients are well-known to nourish the baby’s skin, keeping it soft and supple with regular massage - just what we need in the winters. Regular baby massages with Dabur Lal Tail in the winters have tons of benefits.



Efficacy of an oil lies with the ingredients/ composition and not with the colour/texture/smell. Thus, research well before choosing the right massage oil for your baby. A dependable baby massage oil is one that works on both, the baby’s skin health and bones and muscles health. Dabur Lal Tail is hence trusted by millions of mothers today in India.


This winter, enjoy cozying up with your baby and have a great massage time with Dabur Lal Tail.

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