From Motherhood to a Blogger

From Motherhood to a Blogger

Being a parent means that you love that little person which you created, more than you could ever love yourself or anybody else! And I felt this feeling at the age of 21.


And then on 30th Jan 2014 made my life more happy n easier.I felt all happiness around me .That first touch of his tiny fingers, little feet,seeing his squeezy nose while crying and that seconds smile made my heart joyful. I was overwhelmed and that's how I have spent 2 years. 


If you ask about my journey as a blogger which I had started three years ago with my Identity mommy_modeon. I was very nervous about this decision and equally very excited too. And soon I started writing my own contents and the result was more than I expected.Then the shower of love from my Insta family which is a big reason what am I today.


People started appreciating my journey with khushaansh, started loving us and then I pat my back for choosing this journey with khushaansh.


And then I have started earning, started promoting brands n good work. My work getting paid.


And Now I am enjoying my second pregnancy with my Instagram family and looking my stars are shining with me.


Super blessed with A baby girl.

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