Subtle Ways to Tell Your Child You Love Them

Subtle Ways to Tell Your Child You Love Them

As mothers, our world revolves around our children. We become intensely aware of their needs and seem to read their minds. Isn’t it beautiful how our little babies sometimes don’t need words at all to tell us if they’re sad, tired, happy or hungry? Similarly, mothers also have that sixth sense and super power to protect their children and keep them far away from harm.

As our children grow, they understand more about their surroundings and make sense of the world around them. They learn words and use them to express themselves. “Mama, Let’s play!” “Mama, I feel scared.” “I’m cold, Amma.” They also sometimes say the sweetest thing in the Universe which is, “Mama, I love you.”

We also express our love to them with words often, but many times there are countless ways to showcase our emotions without uttering a word. Our children, being the intelligent little ones that they are, understand these gestures well and know that their mama or papa adores them. So, what are the subtle ways to tell your child you love them?



Hug them for a little longer
Hold them tight when they’re playing with you, hug them longer for a job well done, hug them if they’re scared or uncertain. This gives a message that you’re there for them always, no matter what.


Ask them what they would like to do
Children love to be asked for their opinions or help, as it makes them feel important. When you’re reading to them or playing with them, ask them for their choice of book or game. When shopping in a market, give them a choice between two things and ask them which one they would like to buy. This does not mean giving in to their demands always, it means asking for their opinion for small things in their own routine, so that they feel valued.


Tiny gestures matter
I still remember that my mother would bring me a bowl of hot soup when I would be preparing for my exams. I never needed to tell her I was craving for soup, she would just know. Similarly, I would also see her religiously switch on the AllOut machine during the evenings. That was her way to tell us, “I don’t want mosquitoes to cause harm to you or disturb you. I want my family to stay safe.” Such gestures go a long way in building a solid relationship based on trust. The good part is that these are simple gestures and don’t need anything special to be carried out. For example, like my mother, even I rely on and trust All Out for providing protection against mosquitoes, and it has become a daily ritual at our home too.




Do something exclusive
We all love to feel unique and special. Kids love the feeling too and appreciate it more when their parents make them feel special. Schedules and lives are busy nowadays. Taking time out to do a specific activity with your child is like telling them, “I enjoy your company and love spending time with you.” Make a pizza together, paint together, read together, sing and dance together without inhibitions.


Our actions speak louder than words. Our children will emulate our actions as they’re watching us. When we show them in many ways that we’re there to love, care and look out for them always, we develop a strong and loving relationship with them for life.


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