Introducing: India's Only Certified "Baby Safe" Range

Introducing: India's Only Certified "Baby Safe" Range

Ever wondered, what goes into the products that we blindly believe to be “SAFE” for our babies?  

Phenoxyethanol, Parfum (Synthetic Fragrance), Polyethylene Glycols (PEG), Tocopheryl Acetate

These difficult-to-pronounce & harmful names are something we have been using on our babies! 

Don’t believe us? Simply take a look at the back of the labels!

In India, there are no certified ‘Baby Safe’ products. As Parents, we have somehow been okay with this, perhaps because we haven’t had a better answer. I’m glad to share that at BabyChakra, we now have the better answer! 

We are excited to launch India’s 1st Certified Baby Safe Range made with Organic Naturals. 100s of mums just like you and me & the doctors came TOGETHER to break through the clutter, and co-created the TRULY NATURAL Baby Safe Range. 


This launch is to celebrate the community spirit who refused to settle, even while choosing their baby’s products! ❤ 

Explore the New Range HERE

Naiyya Saggi

CEO & Founder, BabyChakra (Aarya’s Mumma)

#dontsettle #carecomesfirst #newlaunch #babycareandhygiene #familyhealth

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