What The Stars Have To Say!

What The Stars Have To Say!

Hello mommies!

Wouldn't it be amazing to see what the stars have to say about you this week?

So, here we are with our weekly horoscope!

Aries :

Lucky Colour: Blood Red and other bold colours
Lucky Day: Tuesday
Week: People will hardly come to you for advice and guidance. Proper intake of diet and healthy food is recommended.

Taurus :

Lucky Colour: Pastel shades
Lucky Day: Friday
Week: Get into a regular exercise routine. A regular workout could reduce your appetite and improve your mood.

Gemini :

Lucky Colour: Saffron Yellow and Azure Blue
Lucky Day: Wednesday
Week: A good sound sleep and mild exercises will help refresh and will bring renewed energy. Activities can be undertaken for good mental health.

Cancer :

Lucky Colour: Green, Silver-Grey, Cream and White
Lucky Day: Monday
Week: This week brings a new phase, with knowledge and inner guidance. Immune system and stamina will remain strong this week.

Leo :

Lucky Colour: Gold, Orange and Yellow
Lucky Day: Sunday
Week: Take opportunity to launch creative projects as Leo babies are enthusiasts. Low productivity and motivation may be a concern, but can eventually be taken care of.

Virgo :

Lucky Colour: Saffron Yellow and Azure Blue
Lucky Day: Wednesday
Week: Studying a new subject and activity is predicted. It will be a good health week, mid - week can bring some minor health issues, so keep good care.


Lucky Colour: Pastel Pink, blue
Lucky Day: Friday
Week: There is a chance of some awaited good news. Good care and alert are required towards health. The constant demand for attention will bring good family time.


Lucky Colour: Black, Grey, Maroon, Red
Lucky Day: Tuesday
Week: The entire family will be cheerful. Something auspicious can happen. They are born with tons of talent and creativity and this week brings out these traits.



Lucky Colour: Bronze, red, indigo, purple, blue
Lucky Day: Thursday
Week: This week brings good news and fine support from luck. Entertainment filled time will come, which will release new energy.



Lucky Colour: Black, Orange, Indigo
Lucky Day: Saturday
Week: Spiritual happiness will be achieved by taking part in religious acts. Capricorn babies keep the family environment pleasant with their convincing personalities.


Lucky Colour: Turquoise, Aquamarine
Lucky Day: Saturday
Week: This week brings chances to meet new people. A huge amount of pleasure will be received from the family.


Lucky Colour: Silver, Sea green, Mauve
Lucky Day: Thursday
Week: Health remains good this week. There is a good chance of an increase in faith and belief towards god.

Have an amazing week!!!


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