Weekly Horoscopes Is Here! (14th June - 20th June )

Weekly Horoscopes Is Here! (14th June - 20th June )

ARIES: Make a decision even if it requires a compromise, new opportunity, continue to move forward.

Lucky Color: Blue, Maroon 



TAURUS: Think things carefully and be prepared for any possibility, something needs immediate attention.
Lucky Color: Orange, Chocolate brown



GEMINI: Take charge of the situation, revelation will bring change, time for action.
Lucky Color: Mauve, Purple, White



CANCER: Speak up your mind and seek advice, face your fears and grow with experience.
Lucky Color: White, Sea Blue



LEO: Forgive and be compassionate, gather strength, make plans for stability and be efficient.
Lucky Color: Yellow, Gold



VIRGO: Determination and Self Control, career enhancement, need to focus on important thing.
Lucky Color: Black, Green



LIBRA: Enjoy with family & friends,nurture yourself & loved ones, successful completion, peace of mind.
Lucky Color: Pink, Dark Purple



SCORPIO: Dont underestimate yourself, put your creativity to use, enjoy your inner peace & meditate
Lucky Color: White, Sea Green



SAGITTARIUS: Learn from situation, realign & recreate, try to move forward leaving the past.
Lucky Color: Grey, Blue



CAPRICORN: Have patience & listen to your intuitions, happy announcement, reason to celebrate.
Lucky Color: Green, Yellow



AQUARIUS: Follow your passion & trust your abilities, accept opportunity, be creative.
Lucky Color: All shades of green



PISCES: New ideas, New Beginning, revelation offer freedom, embrace the change.
Lucky Color: Electric Blue, Bronze



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