Parents Can Now Reuse, Recycle And Save Money On Baby Products!

Parents Can Now Reuse, Recycle And Save Money On Baby Products!

As parents, we wish to provide our babies with the best. That’s why we go out on a limb to invest in the right baby gear, comfortable clothes and the best baby products. Little ones however, grow pretty quickly and outgrow their baby gear just as quickly too. Most of these good quality, expensive products (some hardly used or never used) are either stowed away in a corner or sometimes just given away with an aching heart. What we also don’t realize is that the products that we sometimes just trash unnecessarily adds to the waste landfill. Moreover, production of a large number of new products is not so sustainable afterall.


For parents who own outgrown baby products - What if we told you that there is a way to upcycle these products while earning money and extending the lifespan of your products?


For parents across India who are looking for quality baby products – What if we told you that you can now find parent-approved, preloved baby gear from reputed brands and save money, while making sustainable choices?


SoldResold is a platform on Instagram that aims to normalise resale with a mission to inspire people to Reduce, Reuse & Upcycle. It is Co-founded by two young moms Shradha Virani & Heena Kalantri who wish to provide the easiest way to shop and sell high quality preloved, precared and new children’s products through their community Pan India. 



A number of environmentally aware and conscious parents have benefitted from the platform.


“We live in a time where everyone thinks about sustainability and being wasteful in their daily lives. When it comes to having a baby, you end up collecting so much stuff most of which just sits there after a couple of uses. I had made an effort to make sure every purchase for my baby was made from a certified all-organic & sustainable brand. When it comes to picking a stroller, as a parent you want the best but it makes you think what’s really worth it. Soldresold provides a perfect solution to that problem as you get the brands you’re looking at while staying true to your values. The whole process is made super easy.”

- A Happy Parent; Hyderabad


“I listed my product with SoldResold for the first time.It was so prompt, transparent and effortless. Very good experience. Needless to say, I will definitely be listing more products with them.” - A satisfied Mumma; Chennai



“I think Sold Resold is a super initiative. I'm all for recycling and reusing toys.

My daughter, like all children, has so many toys, some which she hardly plays with. I feel so bad throwing it away. So, this is just perfect. Also, having a good idea isn't where it ends, SoldResold has excellent service. I bought a doll house from them which was very slightly damaged. I was informed about it and they also had it repaired before it was delivered to me. All the doll house accessories were neatly wrapped and packed separately, that’s a bonus! Thank you!”

A Joyful Mamma ; Mumbai

“It is time for us to be responsible towards our planet, in whatever way possible. With platforms like SoldResold, we can hope for a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future for our little ones.”

An Eco-conscious Parent; New Delhi

Thank You & Stay Safe!


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