Bathe Your Newborn With The Softness Of Cotton

Bathe Your Newborn With The Softness Of Cotton

The birth of a baby is a time of joy in a household. And throughout this beautiful journey you want to give only the best to your newborn. As their skin is sensitive and very delicate, around 1/3rd times thinner and needs that special care. After the birth, giving your baby her first bath can be a memorable experience. What can you use for her skin that’s mild, gentle and effective?

Inspired by benefits of cotton, we recommend JOHNSON’S®️cottontouch®️ range of products. They are the first and only newborn range made with natural

99% mums who try cottontouch, love it. For your little one’s bath time, we recommend the Johnson’s cottontouch newborn head-to-toe bath, which is specially designed for a newborn’s sensitive skin. It is pH balanced and is designed for zero irritation, leaving your baby’s skin touchably soft!

The highlight of JOHNSON’S®️ cottontouch®️ newborn head-to-toe bath is that it rinses off easily and leaves no residue. This ensures that it leaves your newborn’s skin clean without being harsh.

Moreover, its unique, joyful fragrance is proven to make your baby happy. It is also
pH Balanced & Hypoallergenic as well as made with a No More Tears formula that Provides 100% Gentle Care From Day 1.

Using the product is also simple. Just wet your baby's hair and body with warm water, apply JOHNSON'S®️ cottontouch®️ newborn Head-To-Toe Bath, gently lather and rinse. Follow with a gentle massage using JOHNSON'S®️ cottontouch®️ newborn Lotion for superior light and delicate care for newborn's sensitive skin.

Make your newborn’s early bathtimes memorable with JOHNSON'S®️ cottontouch®️ newborn Head-To-Toe Bath and experience the softness of cotton.

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