How to Switch a Baby From Bottle Feed to Glass?

How to Switch a Baby From Bottle Feed to Glass?

Whether you breastfeed or give bottle your child, there comes a time when a transition from bottle to glass is needed. Ideally, by the age of 1, a child should get transitioned from bottle to glass, but if in case you missed this time, the following article will help you and your child move easily from bottle to glass.

A bottle feed is not only convenient to parents but also children. It gives children comfort and eases them to have milk or water without spilling. Still, there are several reasons which support that bottle-feeding should be stopped at a certain point. And the child should be adaptive to use cups or glasses for drinking milk and water.

Bottle feed leads to tooth decay. When infants drink juice or milk with the bottle feed, the sugar present in juice or milk stays in their teeth for a long time producing decay-causing bacteria. And thus it leads to tooth decay.

Prolonged use of bottle-feeding can lead to speech delay. Babies need to develop muscles in their mouth to speak and develop their speech, but the prolonged usage of bottle-feeding delays their speech development process.

The risk of infection gets higher. As the baby gets older, the chances become obvious that parents become less vigilant about the bottle cleanliness. Thus, the risk of infection getting from microorganisms stuck on the neck and the bottle nipple becomes high. Diarrohea is one of the most common infections that a toddler gets from the bottle feed.

Several doctors and medical experts recommend starting glass or sippy cups right after the age of 8th months. This is the age when a child can sit independently and can also a glass with support. If you make your child accustomed to drinking from a glass, it will be easier for you to skip bottles permanently.

We are assuming that you must have tried every possible hack to shift your baby from bottle feed to glass but gained no success, thus we suggest you try this ‘Cold Turkey’ method.

Simply disappear all feeding bottles from your home and tell your child that all got vanish on their own. This will let your child understand that there is no such option available now and he will start drinking milk, water, and juice from the glass or cups. Initially, he may throw some tantrums, but do not lose your patience and give your child some extra time to adjust.

This Cold Turkey method is suggested because once the baby crosses the age of 18 months, he becomes more habitual with feeding bottles making him stubborn to leave. Remember, this transition may take some time, but eventually, it will happen.

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