The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy : Weeks  19 – 23

The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy : Weeks 19 – 23

18 Oct 2015 | 2 min Read

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Week 19: You will realize that you are now putting on weight around your abdomen as well as around your buttocks. The baby is forming tooth buds for his permanent teeth .



Week 20: The baby will be more active now and at times, you will notice your abdomen actually move. The uterus pushes your tummy outwards and starts pushing towards the lungs. The baby’s skin starts forming the protective vernix which will cling to the hairy parts of the baby as well as the creases. The baby is now nearly 25cms long.


Week 21: You may develop acidity or heartburn as the uterus pushes upwards. Eat small meals and ask your doctor to prescribe antacids for relief. Contrary to popular myths – heartburn is not caused by the growing hair on the baby’s head. The baby is still small weighing only app.450gms and can move about freely all over the uterus in the amniotic fluid.


Week 22: If you have not yet scheduled a dental appointment, please do so as your gums are swelling further and may start to bleed and be painful. The baby now has a sleep and awake cycle which will continue in the first few weeks after delivery. Generally, the baby is most active when you are resting which explains why new borns are more wakeful in the night and sleep more during the day.


Week 23: During your doctor’s visits, the doctor will palpitate the abdomen to check the growing baby and can now feel the different body parts as they are more pronounced. The baby is growing rapidly which causes the uterine muscles to stretch which at times can be painful to the mother. Remember to drink plenty of fluids and rest often. You might also start feeling the Braxton-hicks contractions.



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