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Is Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

Is Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

21 Sep 2021 | 2 min Read

Dr Sangita Chauhan

Author | 1 Articles

Every woman feels differently during their pregnancy times. And likewise, it happens with their sexual desires too. For some, desire fades away, whereas some feel deeply connected and feel more aroused.

Pregnant women and their partners often wonder if it is safe to have sex during pregnancy. Will it cause any harm to a growing baby in the uterus? Is there any other way to do sex during pregnancy? And there are lot many more other questions which keep pondering into the mind. So let us understand is sex safe during pregnancy or not.

Is Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

Sex is a natural part of pregnancy and if someone is having normal pregnancy without any complication, sex is safe. Sexual intercourse does not harm the baby as it is protected by the abdomen and the uterus’s muscular walls. Furthermore, your baby is safely cushioned by the amniotic fluid. Usually, the contractions during sexual activity are not similar to contractions during pregnancy. Still, as a general safety instruction, doctors advise not to have sex during the final trimester of pregnancy, believing that the hormones present in the semes can lead to labor contractions.

When to Avoid Sex During Pregnancy?

It is recommended to talk with your doctor about the safety of sex during pregnancy. They may advise you what is better for your pregnancy keeping your present health in consideration. It is not recommended to have sex during pregnancy if you have any of the following pregnancy complications

  • You’ve had a miscarriage.
  • Your pregnancy indicates the chances of preterm labor.
  • Your amniotic fluid has ruptured membranes.
  • Your placenta is too low, which is known as placenta previa in medical terms.
  • You’re carrying multiple pregnancies such as twins, triplets, etc.

Even if your pregnancy is healthy and fine, do not hesitate to call your doctor, if you feel any unusual symptoms during or after sex. These unusual symptoms can be a pain, bleeding, fluid discharge, discomfort, or labor contractions.

Lastly to conclude, during pregnancy, it’s normal to feel sexually aroused, however, one should be more conscious of itself as pregnancy time grows.













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