The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy : Weeks 24 – 28

The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy : Weeks 24 – 28

18 Oct 2015 | 2 min Read

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Week 24: The top of the uterus which is called the fundus now reaches your navel. The baby is now about 32 cms long and weighs around 500 gms. The vital organs are almost developed but the lungs are not yet fully mature and the baby will find it difficult to survive outside the uterus.



Week 25: You might start feeling cramps in your legs while sleeping. Do make a mention of the same to your doctor or, to your prenatal instructor who will guide you with relevant exercises and tips. The baby may be pressing against the bladder which will induce frequent urination. The baby’s bones begin to harden.



Week 26: Until now the baby had translucent, paper thin skin. Now it changes and is gradually becoming opaque.


Week 27: Weight gain becomes steady and noticeable. Although it is a good idea to watch your calories so that you do not put on too much weight. Consult a prenatal nutritionist for guidance on the correct diet to be followed to nourish the baby and not put on unnecessary weight. The baby’s skin is wrinkled due to being in the amniotic fluid but is protected by the vernix.


Week 28: Your breasts will leak colostrum. However the presence or absence of colostrum during pregnancy is not indicative of the amount of breast milk you will produce in the post natal period. You will now be visiting the doctor every two weeks. If your blood group is RH negative the doctor will recommend an antibody check. The baby is born now has a good chance of survival. It is now about 38cms long and weighs app.900 gms.

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