The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy : Weeks  29 – 33

The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy : Weeks 29 – 33

18 Oct 2015 | 2 min Read

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Week 29: The uterus is now occupying most of the abdominal cavity and all the internal organs are pushed out of the way. There is a lot of pressure on the diaphragm, stomach and intestine.



Week 30: The uterus is now heavy and large. It disturbs your centre of gravity and can cause you to loose your balance. Maintain good posture to avoid back aches. The baby is very aware of its surroundings and can feel the Braxton hicks contractions and react to external sounds and light.


Week 31: Due to the growing uterus, you may feel breathless especially when you clinb stairs, exert yourself or talk continuously. But do not worry, even though you feel breathless the oxygen to the baby is adequate. The baby now weighs nearly 1800 gms.


Week 32: Every time you visit the doctor he assesses the baby’s position, heart rate and growth. It is important for the baby to start assuming the head down position as this is the ideal position for birth. The baby is now 42 cms long. The fat layers below the skin are starting to get laid due to which if the baby is born now it will need to be placed in an incubator to regulate the body temperature.


Week 33: The baby’s football like kicks now become more subtle as there is less space for it to somersault in the uterus. By now the baby should have adopted the head down position which it will maintain till delivery.

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