10 Myths Busted about Pregnancy Foods



Everything from books to magazines to relatives and neighbors have a plethora of advice about pregnancy do's and don'ts, but what's the truth?


1- Papaya:

Considered to be a heat food and pregnant mothers are asked to avoid the same as it can cause miscarriage. Papaya and the seed of the papaya contain papain an element which can trigger contractions when consumed in large quantities. However papain is dominant in raw papayas and hence small portions of ripe papaya can be consumed safely during pregnancy.




2- Pineapple:

Eating pineapple during pregnancy will cause a miscarriage is also a complete myth. It probably originates from the fact that the mouth feels a little irritated and raw when we eat pineapple and the old wives believe that the uterus would also get irritated.




3. Coconut:

This has by far the most myths surrounding it ;




a. Drinking coconut water will make the baby's head large like a coconut.

b. Drinking coconut water will make the baby hairy and cause acidity to the mother.

c. Eating coconut will make the baby fair.

All are totally baseless. Coconut water is a rich source of potassium and fresh coconut contains vital nutrients.


4. Dates:

Avoid eating dates as they are hot and will cause miscarriage. In fact dates are a rich source of fibre and iron and must be consumed in moderation.




5. Sesame seeds and mustard seed:

Sesame seeds and mustard seeds will cause an abortion because they are hot. This is not true. In fact sesame seeds are a rich source of calcium and mustard seeds aid digestion.




6. Saffron:

Saffron makes the baby fair skinned and many mothers to be are encouraged to include saffron for flavour in their milk. This is also not true. Saffron is a spice and can enhance the flavour but not influence the colour of the skin.




7. Iron:

Iron tablets will make your baby dark. This is probably because iron makes the stools dark but it will have no effect on the baby's skin colour.



8. Ghee:

Ghee taken during the 9th month will help the baby slip through the birth canal easily. Ghee is a saturated fat and it will only make you gain weight and not make labour easier.



9. Spicy:

Spicy foods will not cause a miscarriage contrary to popular belief. If a mom-to-be is comfortable with spicy foods then she can safely enjoy them in moderation.



10. Eating For Two:

Eating for two is the most common belief in Indian culture but we have to remember that the second person we are eating for, is a small foetus which is less than 1/20th of our body weight.


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Dates is safe or not?

Snehal Hake

can I eat paner in prganecy

Nishtha Dogra

paneer is rich source of protein and calcium. and milk and milk products are very much needed in pregnancy. jz go for eat if you want to include this in daily diet you can tak two slices daily


Dates r not safe??????.....plz confirm

Rebecca Prakash

dates are safe pls have. 

Rebecca Prakash

Yes you can have paneer.

asha chaudhry

Akshaya Naresh Anchal Talwar

Sneha Khandait Deshmukh

dates , paneer are absolutely safe

Akshaya Naresh

I have heard most of these myths from so many!Thanks for spreading the word!
Thanks for the tag asha chaudhry❤✌


This is so well written.


I wish I knew this before

Anu Srivastava

I enjoyed reading this article.. n I am very much clear about the food above.. thanks btw 😊

Sapna Jain

Very helpful

Mrs. Vagish Kashyap

Can I eat corn in pregnancy


This is exactly what I was looking for.

DrMeerah Niphadkar

I knew this before !


Very well said..


Can we take anjeer in 2 trimester of pregnancy?

Reet Riya

This is so well written.

jaseena Ghouse basha

This is so well written.

DrMeerah Niphadkar

This is just in time !

Jigna Patel

Thanks for sharing

Manikyam Cherthedath

What about drumstick, yam, brinjal?

Zinia Basu Dey Sarkar

This is just in time

Bijal Joshi

This is just in time

Vidya Modekar

I wish I knew this before

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