What To Expect When Your Water Breaks?

What To Expect When Your Water Breaks?

Ideally, during pregnancy, breaking water is the first and the only sign of labor, and it happens suddenly, sometimes in public, too.

A baby develops inside a bag of fluid called an ‘amniotic sac.’ And when your baby is ready to take birth, this bag of fluid breaks, and the liquid comes out of your vagina. This whole process is known as water breaking.

However, there is no need to worry when this water breaks; it gives sufficient time to you to reach the hospital. If your water breaks before the 37th week of gestation, immediately call your doctor and rush to the hospital for medical assistance.

What Does it Feel When Water Breaks?

Your water breaking can feel like a mild popping sensation followed by a gush of liquid that you’re unable to control or stop. You may not have any different feelings that feel pain or discomfort. It feels like you have peed in your panties.

My Waters Broke, What Do I Do Now?

Put a sanitary pad, not tampon or cloth, in your panty. The color of amniotic fluid is pale yellow. Sometimes, it becomes tough to differentiate between pee and amniotic fluid. Once the liquid is out, your baby may be at risk of infection. Thus your doctor will ask you to come to the hospital to be checked.

Inform your doctor, if:

  • Bleeding starts.
  • The water emits a foul smell or contains blood.

How are my waters broken artificially?

Sometimes, your doctor may break your waters for you to induce or speed up your labor. This is known as artificial rupture of membranes (ARM).
Your doctor will make a small break in the membranes around your baby. They’ll either use a long thin probe (an amnihook) or a medical glove with a pricked end on one of the fingers. This will feel a bit like an internal examination and won’t hurt your baby. 


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