Help Your Baby To Sleep Through Night

Help Your Baby To Sleep Through Night

It is the World’s precious moment to watch your baby sleeping. They look so innocent and sweet, taking away all stress from our lives. However, sometimes you may feel overwhelmed by seeing your baby not sleeping through the night and behaving cranky and irritable.

You can easily set up your baby’s sleeping schedule by understanding which parts of their sleep routine are in your hand and which are not.

Understanding your Baby’s Sleep Needs

The first two months of your baby are pretty challenging to understand the difference between day and night. Therefore, you may find your baby sleeping for 10 to 11 hours a day, and at times you will see your baby has slept only for 3 hours in total. Additionally, newborns need to be fed every 2 hours; therefore, they wake up from their sleep when they feel hungry.

By the age of 3 to 4 months, many babies start sleeping at a stretch of 6 hours; still, due to the usual developmental changes, they feel difficult to sleep alone on the bed. And they may start crying just to keep you around.

Set Bedtime Routine

The setting of the bedtime routine is helpful to keep your baby sleeping peacefully at a stretch. Although, there is no one size fit for all bedtime routines for every baby. Thus, find the best bedtime routine that suits both you and your baby. Here are a few of the bedtime routines that you can pick up for your baby:


  • Gentle baby massage - Research shows that the babies who get a massage before bedtime sleep better. Therefore, give a gentle baby massage to your baby at night before bringing him to sleep.
  • Lullabies - This bedtime routine is one of the most age-old trusted techniques to make the baby sleep peacefully. Lullabies are soft songs that calm down the baby’s senses and help him to fall asleep.
  • Whitenoise - It creates a comfortable environment that feels like a womb. It also calms down the baby to stop crying and fall asleep faster.

Put Your Sleepy Baby To Bed

After the age of 6 weeks, soothe your baby until he is drowsy. Don’t wait until your baby is in a deep sleep in your arms; this may become his habit. When your baby is on the verge of sleep, put him down to bed and let him settle down on his own. This routine will teach your baby to soothe himself to sleep, rather than getting dependent on you every time they wake up at night.

The Takeaway

There can be some times when your baby cries after you put him down to sleep. But do not take him back on your lap the moment he starts crying. Let him soothe on his own. You should console him but do not pick him up. Make sure the baby’s diaper is clean, including his clothes and bed. Adopting this method can be difficult for both of you, but you’ll likely see an improvement in your baby’s sleep pattern.

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