Constipation In Kids

Constipation In Kids

13 Oct 2021 | 2 min Read

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Constipation is a common problem in kids. It indicates hard and dry stools, also comes along with painful experience. Although constipation is easily curable by proper care and medication. However, if left untreated, the situation may get worse.

What are the symptoms of Constipation?

Signs and symptoms of constipation includes the following:

  • Hard and painful stools
  • Bleeding from the area from where stool comes out
  • Stomach pain

What causes Constipation in kids?

Here are the common causes of constipation.

  • Holding back of stools – Sometimes children do not want to go for poop when they are away from home. Moreover, kids between the age of 2 to 5 years usually wanted to show they are capable of deciding things for themselves. Thus, they do such act to show their way of control.
  • Illness – If a child is sick and his appetite has down, it may lead to constipation. Moreover, some medications also cause constipation.
  • Diet – When a child refrains from eating foods, it also reduces the required fiber intake leading to disturbed bowel movements.


How Constipation is Treated?

Constipation is usually seen in kids above the age of 2. To treat constipation at home, it is recommended to let your child drink plenty of water in a day. It will help your child to keep stools soften naturally. Alternatively, pediatrician can prescribe medicine to softening the stools and regular.
Remember, do not give your child laxatives or enemas to ease out with constipation.

Help your child to set a routine for toilet. This will help your child to get a habit of regular bowel movement. Apart from this, ensure your child is consuming healthy foods including fiber foods like oats, Apple with skin, broccoli, carrot, whole wheat bread, etc.

And lastly, physical fitness also plays an important role in keeping the bowel movement regular. Thus, keep your child physical active and playful throughout the day so that the problem of constipation can be minimised to a great extent.

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